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Advantages of seeing a plastic surgeon for cyst, lipoma, and mole removal

Lipoma, cyst, or mole is fatty tissue growing under your skin. If you touch them, they will feel rubbery but not stiff. In most cases, they are painful and do not lead to health concerns. Hence, most people neglect their treatment. However, this should not be the case. Lipoma is an oval or round-shaped lump of tissues growing under your skin made up of fat. It can appear in different parts of your body, and in most cases, it is the trunk, back, shoulders, arms, and neck. It is nothing but a soft tissue tumor. It grows slowly, but it’s not cancerous. For rectifying the problem, you do not require treatment, but if it is bothering you, you may take the help of plastic surgeon from Manchester to remove it.

Lipomas have become a common problem these days. One out of a thousand people have the problem, and it appears within the age of forty to sixty years. Remember that it will develop with the increase of age, and thereby you will have to take the necessary steps at the initial stage. It affects both genders and is more common in women.

The symptoms of lipoma

Since lipoma is not painful, it does not quickly grab attention. However, it can make you feel uncomfortable if you press against it. Most individuals do not notice the symptoms of lipoma, which is nothing but a rubbery tissue under your skin. Lipoma gets encapsulated as they do not spread in the surrounding area. It is painless but can cause discomfort depending on the size, location, and presence of blood vessels. The tissue is usually symmetrical in shape and movable. The size ranges between two to six inches, but you have to go for skin lump surgery if it crosses this.

Possible locations

When talking about where Lipomas develop, they can be in any part of your body. From internal organs to muscles to the brain, a lipoma can grow everywhere. Most individuals have seen the back, neck, arms, shoulders, trunk, and forehead development.

How can a surgeon help you? 

Health providers believe that lipomas are generally inherited. However, there are some other causes which include hereditary lipomatosis, Gardner syndrome, Dercum’s disease, and Madelung disease. Although the rate difference between males and females, these conditions are common in both genders.

Proper diagnosis and its related treatment are vital if the cyst, lipoma or mole becomes painful. You will have to go for a biopsy to confirm the condition. After this, you will have to make provisions for removing these so that the problem does not aggravate. People believe that lipoma is similar to a cyst. However, a clear picture will tell you that both these conditions are dissimilar. 

You can go for an ultrasound, computed tomography scan, or magnetic resonance imaging to confirm your condition. It is only a learned and experienced surgeon that will help you in diagnosing the situation. They will thereby provide you with the related treatment, so there is no cause of worry.

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