Promotional gifts help you sell more.

“It’s not the gift, but the thought that counts.” Henry van Dyke

Many everyday products that your existing and potential customers use can serve as a great advertising medium. They can make you visible in their home, office, or wherever they use these products. Besides the brand awareness and visibility of the company, with such products, you can also increase your sales opportunities. Promotional gifts especially stand out from other advertising media because they have a more substantial visual impact on existing and potential customers. In addition, due to their content or products, they encourage them to turn to your company for purchase.

When we talk about this kind of gift, we talk about tangible products with the company’s name or logo imprinted or sometimes engraved on them. Many companies also choose to print a personal message. They are prevalent among customers, as they all like to receive free products. They are also a powerful marketing tool, especially if they are good, i. e. if they properly reflect the image of your company and are helpful to the recipient due to their practical nature and aesthetic appearance. In addition, they create an unforgettable experience for your business by allowing users to interact with your brand physically.

Promotional products are a great way to market your business and keep your brand in the minds of both potential and existing customers. All of these facts are the reason why you should incorporate them into your brand’s advertising strategy as soon as possible. With their help, you can in the shortest possible time:

  • at a low price, provide 
  • visibility and brand awareness in a larger market
  • build trust in your company with your existing and potential customers, and
  • gain their loyalty. 

However, if you may be wondering how it is possible that such simple branded products with your logo help increase sales, read the article further, and you will find out why this is so.

Low-cost form of advertising

A simple rule of thumb is to invest in marketing if you want to make a sale. Using promotional items is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing strategies your business can have. 

According to the PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), using such products for companies worldwide are the sixth most successful marketing activity. Namely, they have been used for years as a cost-effective marketing tactic. In addition to significant and recognized brands and companies, newly established and small companies can also afford it and thus achieve their marketing goals. 

According to the PPAI research, a product’s value or low price is not crucial as its practicality, quality, and appearance. For this reason, most promotional gift manufacturers try to keep product prices as low as possible to allow mass distribution. These products can be, for example, pens, notebooks, umbrellas, key chains, bags, USB keys, power banks, backpacks, cups, T-shirts, and more. 

However, although the prices of such gifts are low, the impact on recipients is usually tremendous. Furthermore, companies reduce their marketing budget by using them while still attracting much attention from existing and potential customers. 

Promotional gifts ensure the visibility of your brand and brand awareness.

All companies want their existing and potential customers to be aware of their brand. Brand awareness or visibility of a company means that customers recognize your company, products or services as soon as they notice your printed or engraved logo. The more visible and recognizable your brand is, the more customers you will gain and the greater the chance of increasing sales. 

For this reason, promotional products are incredibly effective marketing tactics, as branded products or items marked with your logo usually become part of the everyday life of customers, thus making your company more visible. The latter is also one of the main reasons for their distribution.

In addition, by gifting such products, you can present your company to a larger group of potential customers, thus creating more business opportunities with a broader audience and more significant opportunities to attract new loyal customers. According to PPAI research, 55% of people keep promotional items for more than a year. In such an extended period, the exposure and visibility of your brand are tremendous. 

For example, you can imagine bags your company has marked with its brand and logo and given to their customers as corporate gifts. Because the bag is practical, pleasant-looking and well-made, customers carry it with them everywhere, unconsciously becoming a “walking billboard” for your brand and spreading the name of your company. 

Companies also increase the likelihood that customers will remember them using such products. Namely, the PPAI study also showed that as many as 76.2% of people who received promotional items in the last two years could remember the actual product, company and related message. The use of such products is thus a reliable way to increase brand awareness and increase sales.

Promotional gifts are a great way to gain the trust and loyalty of customers.

Loyal customers are recognized by frequent visits to the company, increased purchase of products, and services use. With corporate and promotional gifts, it is possible to build a solid base of loyal customers in a short time who will completely trust your company, products or services. However, before gifting with corporate gifts, you need to focus on quality. Namely, with good quality products, you will ensure customers’ loyalty who will be happy to return to you and purchase items from your company. 

People will associate your quality corporate gifts with the quality of your company and your brand. In addition, make sure that the products are practical or valuable. If you want to increase sales, you need to consider its usage. You may also want to ensure that the products look visually appealing and environmentally friendly. With the latter, you will communicate to your existing and potential customers the values ​​of your company, which are an essential factor in gaining the loyalty and trust of customers in your brand.


Sales are essential for the existence of a company or brand. Furthermore, PPAI research has shown that promotional gifts increase sales. Namely, as many as 52% of respondents stated that they did business with the company that gave it to them after receiving such a product. Another Baylor University study also found that companies that gifted promotional items could increase their sales by a staggering 22%. 

Gifting is, therefore, one of the best ways to increase sales. The logic behind this is simple. Everyone loves to receive free products. Furthermore, if this product is high quality, practical and valuable in everyday life, pleasant in appearance and environmentally friendly, it is perfect. Good promotional products inspire customers to turn to your business over and over again. When they see your name on a unique and valuable item, they are more likely to come to you to buy other products or services.

In addition, you will increase the satisfaction of your customers with them, which is also one of the main goals of companies. With a gift, you will give the customer the feeling that you appreciate them and care about them. Satisfied customers will purchase from your company more often. 

In summary, promotional gifts are a cheap advertising strategy that increases brand awareness and ensures the company’s loyalty and trust. All of these aspects, however, help increase sales in your business. So what are you waiting for? Choose your promotional gift today!

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