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5 Tips On How To Wear G-String Underwear Correctly

Thongs or g-string underwear are excellent if you don’t want panty lines. Choosing the right type of thong to wear is all about knowing the fabric and style that suits your needs and the occasion. Don’t worry if the thong feels uncomfortable at first. Over time, you will get used to wearing them.

Know the different types of thongs out there

If you are new to the world of g-string underwear or thongs, you have likely been exposed to various descriptions but have no clear idea what it means. There are three general styles of g-string or thong:

  • Traditional thongs provide full coverage at the front and are designed to have a wide waistband. But it narrows to a 1-inch wide fabric or narrower that is tucked between the buttocks.
  • A g-string is a type of thong that has a highly narrow waistband. It may only be a strip of elastic ¼ inch or even more biased. The area of the thong or the g-string is also fragile so that the only coverage would be a triangle-shaped fabric at the front.
  • A tanga thong is similar to a regular pair of panties. However, it typically has a fabric that provides coverage to the upper half of the buttocks leaving the bottom area exposed to prevent a panty line. The design of this underwear will vary depending on the style, but typically it has a thick waistband and plenty of coverage.

Know what a thong feels like

Many non-thong wearers are concerned that thongs are uncomfortable. But this initial discomfort is overcome immediately. Thongs have always been considered one of the most comfortable panty styles, especially g string underwear. It is lightweight and barely there, so no fabric becomes bunched up or loose.

If you do not enjoy the feeling of your thong, don’t give up on this style right away. It is typical for first-time wearers to feel awkward, but after several days of wearing thongs, you will find them comfy and fall in love with them.

Try various fabrics

Similar to regular panties, there are plenty of fabrics, colours, and patterns to choose from. When it comes to thongs, it is recommended that you select a fabric made of cotton since these are the most breathable. 

But materials such as lace, silk, and satin are also good options. Lace thongs, for instance, are stretchy and forgiving. But silk and satin thongs are typically for lingerie type use but certainly an option for days when you want to feel sexy.

Wear a thong to make a panty line less conspicuous

Thongs are the best undergarment to tone down the mark of a panty line in tight pants, dresses, and skirts. The issue with most underwear is regardless of how thin the material is, you can always see the outline, especially with skimpy bottoms. A thong is an excellent remedy for this situation. 

Make sure the thong doesn’t rise above the beltline.

Try to test whether your thong is visible by doing movements in front of a mirror. If it is visible, you may want to try a thong of a different size or model. Wear a belt or simply provide full coverage over the area with a long shirt. It is recommended to be prepared for making quick adjustments while you are in public. When you sit, subtly check the back of your belt to determine if your thong is sticking out. 

Thongs feel weightless and are an excellent piece of undergarment to wear if you want to feel sexy and comfortable.

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