Guide to Best Hair Salon in Singapore for Trendy Haircut

Most people have undergone several experiments with their hair during the lockdown. Professional Salon stylists use good hair products and styling equipment to make your locks turn heads. Hairstyling that includes various haircuts combating problems such as frizzy and dry hair and styling your hair in bangs are mostly trending. Many individuals are looking forward to trimming and treat their hair to acquire the most trending and sleek looks. To avail of the best haircut in Singapore, choose from the following hair salons in Singapore that stand out among the rest.

Pamper your hair at Chez Vous HideAway

If you are looking forward to showering some love and care to your locks, there is nothing better than visiting Chez hideaway. Although, the salon is in a busy treat at Orchard Road. Yet, it is easy to locate among the Hustle and bustle of the place. Hideaway is a spa cum salon that takes orders with prior appointments due to its popularity among the young generation. If you are willing to treat your hair and make it healthy and luscious this salon at the Orchard location can enhance yours with little to no chemical treatment. 

It is known for using pure essential toys and providing smart-bond therapy to its customers with the help of a headshot. It offers a basic haircut for 199 dollars, thereby leaving the customer satisfied with the Exclusive experience. The best part about the salon is that it provides complimentary Spa services to customers with expensive treatment packages. The parlor takes not more than five appointments every day, provide its customers’ complete attention.

Walking On Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine is another famous beauty and dining hub in Singapore that offers a garden theme. It evokes a relaxing environment with blooming flowers and sweet-smelling plants while you get your hair pampered. Apart from having a makeover, the customers enjoy their favorite food at the cafeteria while waiting for an appointment. This salon uses products from top-notch brands thereby, making the customers feel good and oddly satisfying. Walking on Sunshine offers treatments starting from the range of $300. Their Korean keratin treatment is one of the most successful hair smoothening with organic ingredients such as onion and aloe vera. It leaves the customer free of any maintenance for months together.

Zinc Korean hair salon

While Korean dramas are becoming increasingly popular among the young generation, zinc Korean hair salon provides its customers their dream hairstyle inspired by their favorite Korean actor. This salon in Singapore has a team of Korean hairstylists who possess adequate knowledge about different hair types and offer specific treatments tailor-made for your hair. The staff of Zinc Korean Salon gets equipped with up-to-the-minute tools and products that provide the trendiest look to the customers. People who are crazy about hair curls can opt for perming services offered at the salon, ranging from $50 to $220.

Urban Aesthetic Beauty Emporium

Individuals who prefer a one-stop-shop to fulfill their self-care needs must visit the beauty Emporium for various health and beauty services. Urban Aesthetic Beauty Emporium is a value for money. It encompasses celebrity hairstylists who use professional treatment products to add volume to your flattened hair. 

Therefore, customers willing to transform their tresses can blindly opt for treatments here.

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