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How to Get Rich Quickly: Is it Possible?

This message is delivered daily via email, or broadcast on the radio. We get too many messages to count, and we end up becoming numb to them all.

This is how you can quickly become rich. Count your blessings. You don’t have any blessings? What? Oops! You might want to reconsider! If you look closely, everyone can find blessings.


Your love for your family, friends, and humanity. You might find the word ‘love” a bit strange so you don’t call it that. Perhaps it’s a deep feeling of longing for the best for your loved ones and a positive wish for their happiness. This feeling, which many refer to as ‘love’, is the source Motivational Quotes of all blessings.

Your profession, vocation, or job:

Even though you may dread the sound of the alarm clock, you get out of bed every morning to face another day of problems and people who test your patience.

If I had to take inventory of my life, I would identify the most important things that I use every single day. These are the things I can’t live with without. Rest of the stuff, I don’t use.

Many people don’t have a job or a profession. You can see the problems and rude people as opportunities to make a difference. While you cannot change rude people into polite, civilized people, you can change how you respond to them. You have the chance to show patience and tolerance. Perhaps they will see this and then plant it in themselves.

Multiple streams of income are essential to your success. This starts with your current income. You can increase your income or add multiple streams.

Symbiotic flows are what you want. Don’t just add flows. Instead, look for other income streams that can be added to your job.

Emile Coue, a French hypnotist, made this quote famous. This is a great quote to remember when you fall into negative thoughts. Our minds are far more powerful than we realize. It’s amazing how our subconscious mind can hold onto one negative thought and not let go. However, it may take many times (or hundreds) of positive thoughts to reprogram this thought. But perseverance will make it happen.

Remember: Get Rich Quick, next time you feel low self-esteem or overwhelmed by your bills. Count Your Blessings

People who are successful invest their time, energy and money to improve themselves. One man once said to me, “The best way to help people in crisis is not to be someone in need.” You can help others by helping yourself. To be a great person, you must invest in yourself

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