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Shaq’s Private Jet Is Way More Expensive Than You’d Think

Shaquille O’Neal’s jet is pretty amazing, no doubt about it. The former basketball player has one of the most lavish jets on the market, and it costs a pretty penny to maintain. In fact, Shaq’s private jet is more expensive than some of the world’s top luxury cars. So what does all this pricey gear get him? Well, for starters, Shaq can live large wherever he pleases. He doesn’t have to worry about money or where he’s going to sleep next night. He can fly wherever he wants, whenever he wants, and his plane is fitted with all the amenities a celebrity could want or need.

Shaq’s Private Jet Is Way More Expensive Than You’d Think

Over the past few years, Shaquille O’Neal’s spending habits have come under scrutiny. The TNT analyst and former NBA player is known for his flashy cars and homes, but it turns out that his plane is even more expensive than we initially thought.

According to Forbes, Shaq’s private jet costs an estimated $27 million dollars—which is a lot more than the average person pays for a plane. In fact, the price tag makes Shaq’s plane one of the most expensive in the world.

Although the basketball star’s plane may be pricey, it’s not the only thing he spends money on. In 2016, he was accused of assault after an alleged altercation with a photographer at a club in Hollywood. The charge was later dropped, but it still caused Shaq to lose millions of dollars in endorsement deals.

How Much Does Shaq’s Private Jet Cost?

According to Forbes, Shaq’s private jet is worth an estimated $60 million. That’s a pretty penny, and it doesn’t even include the cost of the fuel! If you divide 60 million by the average yearly U.S. salary of $50,000, you get a cost per hour of flight of around $16,000!

Why is Shaq’s Private Jet So Expensive?

Shaquille O’Neal’s private jet is the most expensive in the world. His jet, called “The Bird”, costs an estimated $60 million. Shaq’s jet is more expensive than any other celebrity’s private jet, and it’s even more expensive than most commercial planes.

Interestingly enough, The Bird isn’t the only expensive thing about Shaq’s life. He also spends a lot of money on cars, clothes, and other personal items. In fact, Shaq has been known to spend over $1 million per year on personal expenses.

Some people might attribute Shaq’s high spending to his lavish lifestyle, but others feel that he earns too much money to really need all that money. Regardless of why he spends so much money, it’s clear that Shaq has a very expensive lifestyle.


Shaq’s private jet might seem like a luxury item, but in fact it is way more expensive than you would think. A standard passenger jet can cost anywhere from $40-$500 million dollars, while Shaq’s personal airplane reportedly costs $53 million. That’s a lot of money! However, if you take into consideration the features and amenities that this plane offers, it is definitely worth the price tag. If you are ever lucky enough to be able to fly on Shaq’s private jet, we suggest not taking it for granted and treasure every moment

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