YouTube stars the Stokes Twins avoid jail after pleading guilty over fake bank robbery pranks

Alan and Alex Stokes, twin siblings who rose to popularity on YouTube recording trick recordings, confessed to wrongdoing bogus detainment and detailing misleading crises regarding a couple of now-eliminated recordings they shot in the fall of 2019 in which they professed to have quite recently ransacked a bank. The 23-year-old siblings were charged in August of the year before.

They had to deal with a limit of five years in jail whenever sentenced all in all, prompting the blameworthy request in return for decreased sentences, as per a public statement dated March 31st by the workplace of the head prosecutor of Orange County, California.

“The liable requests were in return for an appointed authority decreasing the crime bogus detainment charge to a wrongdoing. Examiners protested on the record and in a preliminary brief to the court’s proposal to lessen the lawful offense accusation to a crime,” the official statement states.


Both got a sentence including 160 hours of local area administration and one year of probation notwithstanding both paying compensation. The Stokes siblings are likewise banned from getting back to the University of California Irvine, where they shot one of the trick video, and they were additionally requested not to deliver additional recordings “that emulate criminal way of behaving.”

The recordings being referred to involved the Stokes siblings dressing in dark clothing with facial coverings shooting themselves associating with outsiders, some of whom were upset at the possibility of experiencing what they accepted were on-the-run hoodlums.

In one ill-conceived circumstance shot for the recordings, the siblings called a Uber driver and requested they be taken some place. The driver denied, yet he was subsequently addressed by policing at first moved toward the man with their weapons drawn, erroneously accepting he was involved after various observers called policing the siblings for thinking they were endeavoring to carjack the driver.

The siblings pulled this trick two times around the same time on October fifteenth, 2019, deciding to film the second of the two recordings at the University of California Irvine after previously having been addressed and delivered by police somewhere else in Orange County prior in the day.

These wrongdoings might have handily brought about somebody being genuinely harmed or killed,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said in a proclamation. “A functioning bank theft is certainly not an easygoing police reaction and these cops were in a real sense putting their lives in extreme danger to assist with peopling they accepted were in harm’s way. It is flippant and foolish that these two people thought often more about expanding their number of adherents on the web than the wellbeing of those cops or the security of the blameless Uber driver who was requested out of his vehicle at gunpoint.”

The Stokes Twins YouTube channel stays dynamic with more than 6.6 million endorsers. The latest video, named “Amusing April Fool’s Pranks on Friends!,” was posted two days prior, and it’s as of now amassed 1.4 million perspectives.

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