How I Travel: Chef Burak Özdemir – aka CZN Burak – talks his favourite foodie destinations

Turkish culinary specialist, restaurateur and web-based entertainment sensation CZN Burak (@cznburak) shares his number one travel encounters.

Beginning his culinary vocation in Turkey, Burak Özdemi presently flaunts six cafés in his nation of origin. In any case, in mid 2021 cook turned-web-based entertainment star opened his most memorable restaurant on unfamiliar soil – in Downtown Dubai, regardless.

CZN Burak, named after his epithet and Instagram handle, is situated on Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard and flaunts nearly 150 unique dishes. This at only 27 years of age.

Notwithstanding his age, Burak has still had a lot of time in the kitchen, beginning cooking with his grandad at the young age of ten. Presently, numerous years, recipes and objections on, he converses with World Traveler Middle East about his culinary excursions all over the planet.

The primary spot on my post-pandemic travel list is…

Paris. The European culture, pleasant climate, and the fine cooking makes this an excursion I’m glad to sit tight for.

My #1 foodie-objections are… .

I cook Middle Eastern food, so I love making a trip to the Middle East where the way of life and flavors motivate me.

What I love most about voyaging is…

As a gourmet specialist, I love finding new spots and flavors. I accept that the neighborhood culture assumes a tremendous part in molding the manner in which individuals get ready and eat food. I appreciate finding out about a nation through its food.

I track down the best eateries on vacation by… .

My sister makes the best proposals with regards to eating abroad. She is a seasoned veteran at finding new and special encounters

The stamp in my visa I’m most glad for is…

Joined Arab Emirates. The glow and the astounding invite I got here causes this spot to feel like home. I’ve for a long time needed to open my most memorable eatery beyond Turkey in Dubai, and it has been an astonishing encounter.

I keep myself engaged while going by…

At the point when on the plane, I appreciate playing the PlayStation, as it makes the time speed up.

The country that roused me the most was …

Czech Republic and Portugal. It’s actual what they say regarding travel; it constructs your personality. I’ve had exceptionally rich encounters in both these nations, as a culinary expert as well as on an individual and social level. I gleaned some significant knowledge about myself and acquired new viewpoints

In the event that you visit Turkey, you should attempt…

CZNBurak Restaurants! We have sixin Turkey, so ensure you cruise by.

My #1 dish to cook is…

Kunafeh. It’s a customary sweet which we share with numerous other Middle Eastern nations.

At the point when I travel, I pack…

I view myself as a light packer. I could do without to go with numerous things. Be that as it may, as of late I generally make a point to go with a cleanliness pack, to be protected.

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