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Wireshark is a wonderful application that is specifically developed for Windows and Mac Operating Devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple Devices. It is a professional level protocol analyzer that is widely used for software and protocol development, analysis, education and troubleshooting. The program is well organized. It is designed with sleek and smooth user-friendly interface. The interface is so impressive and sleek that even newbies can easily use this application at their fingertips. The user-friendly interface offers many useful and powerful tools and features including live capture, VoIP analysis and such other. These tools and many other like these make it a powerful app in the market. Wireshark program includes tools for creating baseline statistics for noticing massive traffic. 

Wireshark for windows with its powerful tools and features captures and analyzes the traffic and protocols that are running computer network. It includes deep inspection of various protocols. This software provides live capture, offline analysis, captured network data and standard three-pane packet browser. All these can be browsed through a GUI or TTY-mode TShark utility and VoIP analysis. In short, this application enables you to see what is actually happening on your network at a microscopic level. This app is proved to be the most standard app on many government agencies, commercial and non-profit enterprises and educational institutions. In addition, it provides colored highlighting to ease the detection issues.

Wireshark program can be used on many platforms like Windows, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, MacOS and many other devices. After using this application, you will sure admit that this is the most considering application that comes with a forum and extensive manual. It is completely free software that provides many useful tools. The users just need basic networking knowledge to use Wireshark program. The knowledge includes how to read packet headers, routing, port forwarding, DHCP work and how the TCP/IP stack. The capture filters of this program work to collect a particular type of traffic. It offers the most powerful display filters. These display filters offer zoom in feature on the specific capture. In the end, you can use this Wireshark program to analyze encrypted traffic.

How to Use Wireshark:

  1. First of all, you need download Wireshark from Filesvilla
  2. Then install the Wireshark application into your system
  3. After that you need to open your Internet browser like chrome
  4. Clear your browser cache.
  5. After that you should open the installed Wireshark
  6. Click on “Capture > Interfaces”. A new window will open up.
  7. You perhaps need to check traffic that goes over your ethernet driver. Click on theĀ StartĀ button to start capturing traffic through this interface.
  8. Visit the URL that you needed to check the traffic from.
  9. After all you need to open Wireshark screen and press Ctrl + E to stop capturing.
  10. Next the traffic capture is stopped, please save the captured traffic into a *. pcap format file and attach it to your support ticket.

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