What Is A Natural Mosquito repellent?

While we have never known a time where everything was not mass-produced and full of chemicals, humans started with organic everything. The food we ate? It had to be organic because there was no room for human interruption before the food was served. As technologies and production processes have increased, we have gotten away from healthy, natural products and into chemically preserved, fake concoctions, people are starting to steer back into a health-conscious mindset. 

With this change in perception, organic bug sprays have also gained popularity, as the superior way to repel insects. These repellents are cleaner, safer, and better smelling than their competition, not to mention healthier for the environment and our children.

What Is Natural Mosquito Spray Made Of?

Organic bug sprays are made with natural ingredients that produce an insect-repelling smell and taste on the surface of your skin, making you bitter for them. While the natural bug spray won’t kill any of your crawly friends, it will force them to move along without biting.

Neem is typically the primary ingredient for natural bug repellents, as it is highly effective for dispersing insects (that’s why every virtually every organic gardener has a bottle of neem oil handy). Natural oils from botanical ingredients make up the rest of these organic formulas. Ingredients like citronella, castor, cedarwood, mint and rosemary oils fill in the gaps while giving the organic bug spray a fantastic smell. 

No Synthetic Chemicals

With organic bug spray formulas, you are free from synthetic chemicals and potentially harmful additives. By using only natural ingredients, these companies can make skin-safe products that do well with sensitive skin and allergies. 

DEET and other synthetic chemicals that are commonly seen in bug sprays can cause rashing, redness, irritation, and other side effects when left on the skin too long, and worse if the product is ingested. It makes sense though, humans were not meant to fill themselves with chemicals!


Keep your skin healthy and free from synthetic chemicals with natural bug sprays. By switching to organic, you can replace DEET and other substances with botanical oils to improve your outdoor experience and give your skin better

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