UPS Store Near Me

A UPS store near you is an excellent choice if you need to ship packages. They can help you out when your package has a problem. You can also go to the UPS store if you have any questions about your package. Often, UPS stores have Social media pages and can help you get information about the services they offer.


There are thousands of UPS Store locations across the United States, with thousands of different services and products. From packaging and shipping to mailing and faxing, there is something for everyone at a UPS Store location. And while the company has stores worldwide, many of them are locally owned and operated. You can even find one in your neighborhood!

One of the best ways to find a UPS Store near you is to use the UPS Store Locator. Whether you are shipping from a home or office, UPS Stores are available to help you move, pack, and ship items. There are more than 2,000 UPS locations in the U.S., and some are even open late. In addition to their regular hours, many UPS Stores are open late.


Whether you need to ship a package quickly or need to send a large shipment, a UPS store near you can help. These local locations offer a wide range of services and are locally owned and operated. Whether you need to send a package to another city or state, you can find a UPS store near you.


If you are looking for a place to ship a package, you can stop by a UPS store near you. This local business is a good option if you live in or near New York City. They offer a full range of services and are locally owned and operated. If you need to send a package to a business or a private party, a UPS store can handle your shipping needs.

Common carriers’ rights to deliver parcels

Common carriers have certain rights and obligations when it comes to the delivery of parcels. First, the common carrier must carry the goods in a safe and secure manner. Second, the common carrier should follow the general route when delivering parcels. Moreover, it must be careful not to take the shortest route. Third, it must follow the instructions of the sender to deliver the goods on time. Fourth, it must deliver the parcels at the right place.

Common carriers are required to provide service to everyone, even if there are competitors. This makes them more susceptible to targeted boycotts. For example, in the United States, the anti-abortion movement could not effectively pressure AT&T to discontinue its abortion hot line. The courts recognized common carriers’ rights and obligations in the transportation of parcels.

In addition to these rights and obligations, common carriers are also liable for damage or loss of goods. They are also required to inform the consignee of the correct amount for freight and deliver the goods upon payment or tender of that amount. Failure to do so may result in a fifty-dollar penalty for the carrier. This fine can be recovered by the consignee in a court.

In addition, in the United States, common carriers are required to settle freight charges according to the bill of lading and classification. They must file these with the Public Service Commission, the Interstate Commerce Commission, and the Office of Regulatory Staff. If they do not, the consignee has the right to settle the freight charges with the common carriers.

The success of common carriage has been tempered by the emergence of new types of delivery services and new types of carriers. The competition from new entrants and the next-generation private networks has put pressure on common carriers. The emergence of contract carriage and the rise of systems integration is another threat to common carriage.

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