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When tetrate launched their Series A funding round, they did so with the promise of changing the way retail works. They’ve since made good on that promise by launching a number of innovative startups, including Tetrate Commerce and E-Commerce Insights. In this blog post, tetrate series ventures shares how they use technology to disrupt the retail industry.

Tetrate series ventures

When it comes to the tetrate series, venture capitalists are definitely taking notice. In early March of this year, Tetrate Summit Ventures led a $2 million Series A round in Shieber, a startup that is using blockchain technology to help businesses improve their supply chains.

The company was founded by CEO Jeffrey Shieber and CTO Amit Chitnis, both veterans of startups including Amazon, Google, and LinkedIn. They believe that blockchain can help solve some of the biggest problems companies face when it comes to tracking and managing their supply chains.

One of the main advantages of using blockchain technology is that it can create a tamper-proof record of all transactions. This makes it easier for businesses to verify the authenticity of products as they move through the supply chain.

Shieber also sees potential in blockchain’s ability to reduce fraud and waste in the food industry. By creating a system where all participants are aware of what’s happening with each shipment, he believes that companies can reduce costs by avoiding mistakes and corruption along the way.

With so many potential benefits to be gained from using blockchain technology in the supply chain sector, Shieber Techcrunch expects this trend to continue growing over the coming years.

Shieber techcrunch

The Tetrate Series Ventures, a joint venture formed by Shieber TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington and Google Ventures partner John Doerr, has announced the launch of its first investment: $2 million in Silicon Valley-based data analytics startup Captiv8.

The Captiv8 team is led by former Facebook exec Luis von Ahn, who left the social networking giant earlier this year after seven years as its vice president of engineering. Von Ahn will now lead development of Captiv8’s flagship product, a platform that uses artificial intelligence to surface personalized content for users across all their devices.

“Captiv8 is using innovative technology to give users what they want–relevant content,” said von Ahn in a statement. “We’re excited to support their growth and help them change the way people consume information.”

According to von Ahn, Captiv8 has already signed up 250 customers including hotel chain Hilton Worldwide and online retailer Zappos.

Tetrate series and shieber techcrunch

The tetrate series, a venture backed startup founded by two co-founders of shieber techcrunch, has announced its first product – Tetrate. Tetrate is a new way to manage work and life. It’s a mobile app that helps you optimize your schedule and stay on track with your goals. Tetrate makes it easy to stay organized and get things done by mapping out your day, week, and month. You can also use Tetrate to connect with friends and family to collaborate on tasks. The tetrate series has been working hard to perfect the product and they believe that it will be a valuable addition to the digital lifestyle. They are currently in closed beta testing and hope to have the app available for everyone by the end of 2017.

Tetrate series and the future of venture capital

The tetrate series by Shieber Technology has raised over $123M in venture capital so far, and the company is now expanding its reach beyond the tetrate series products. The tetrate series has been a huge success story for Shieber Technology, and this expansion into new markets is sure to continue that success.

This investment will allow Shieber Technology to further develop its tetrate series products and cross-sell them to other customer segments. This is an important step as Shieber Technology looks to stay ahead of the competition and increase its market share.

By investing in this new market, Shieber Technology is helping to expand the use of renewable energy and advancing the development of smart grid technologies. This investment shows just how committed Shieber Technology is to improving the quality of life for all people across the globe.

Tetrate series and the future of technology

The tetrate series, a new type of battery technology developed by Sheber Institute of Technology (SIT), could lead to groundbreaking advancements in the future of technology.

The tetrate series is composed of four battery cells that are linked together and can be charged and discharged in unison to create a longer lasting battery. This novel design allows for more efficient use of energy, which could lead to breakthroughs in various technological fields.

Dr. Michael Shieber, one of the founders of SIT and the director of the tetrate series project, believes that this new type of battery could have a significant impact on the way we use technology today. He explained: “The tetrate series represents a transformative advance in energy storage as it can be charged and discharged in unison which greatly increases its energy capacity”

This innovative design could lead to advances in renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power as well as batteries used for electric vehicles. Dr. Shieber believes that this is just the beginning for the tetrate series – he is excited to see what other innovations will be created using this groundbreaking technology.

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