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Can’t Use Your Outdoor Space Properly? Here’s How Installing Outdoor Roller Shades May Help

Want to use your outdoor space freely but can’t because of too much sunlight, heat, or privacy issues? Installing outdoor roller shades may help. Functionally, outdoor shades operate just like interior shades. They provide amazing light control, sunlight protection, and privacy.

But unlike interior mount shades – outdoor shades are highly resilient against external elements. Rain, storms, winds, dust, pollution, etc., will never damage your durable outdoor shades. But do you really need outdoor shades in 2021? If you install them, how will your outdoor experiences improve? Let’s explore.

The Need for Outdoor Spaces

Homeowners have always loved their outdoor spaces. Yards, patios, gardens, etc., are beneficial to homeowners because –

  • They increase the resale values of properties.
  • Outdoor spaces enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of properties.
  • Outdoor kitchens, decks, patios, arbors, etc., make homes more functional and guest-friendly.
  • Outdoor living spaces are ideal for summer hangouts, barbecues, backyard cookouts, and parties.
  • Spending time in outdoor spaces lowers stress levels.
  • Exposure to trees improves respiratory health.
  • Spending time outdoors also boosts the immune system.

In the post-pandemic world, outdoor living spaces are more important than ever. In a recent poll published in Forbes, 82% of homeowners said they’re interested in upgrading their outdoor spaces.

But how can homeowners enjoy their outdoor spaces without worrying about sunlight exposure or privacy issues? Here’s how installing high-quality outdoor shades can help homeowners tackle these issues –

Complete Light Control

The fabrics of outdoor shades are extremely thick. They can trap up to 99% of all the sunlight they receive. That’s why homeowners who want to keep light out of their rooms will love using these shades. By installing these shades in patios, backyards, etc., you can make your outdoor spaces much cooler and darker.

Temperature Control

There’s nothing worse than an overheated deck or backyard. With outdoor shades, you can ensure these spaces never get over-heated, even during the peak summer months. A high-quality outdoor roller shade can easily reduce the temperature of an outdoor space by ten to twenty degrees.

These shades cut off all the solar heat that reaches backyards, gardens, etc. The sun rays don’t even get to reach the window surfaces. Exterior shades can cool both the interior and exterior regions of the house. During winters, these shades do the opposite – they trap heat inside the rooms, keeping them warm and comfy.

No More UV Rays

One of the main reasons why homeowners avoid spending time in their outdoor spaces is UV ray exposure risk. UV rays can permanently damage skin cells. They can even damage furniture items, windows, etc. Homeowners can use anti-UV outdoor shades to eliminate these risks.

The best exterior shades are made of waterproof, anti-UV fabrics. For example, PVC is a tear-resistant, waterproof, and anti-UV fabric. Outdoor shades made of this material will offer your home maximum protection. Plus, synthetic materials like PVC and fiberglass don’t rot over time. These shades last for decades without picking up too much sunlight damage.

Want to enjoy your outdoor spaces in 2021? Buy some high-quality outdoor shades now!

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