PCNOK (Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma) – Full Review

PCNOK Overview
Pcnok (Patient Care Network), in computerized wellbeing, addresses a central answer for help the constantly sick and the old both in the wellbeing, care and recovery fields and to help the maturing of the populace.

With social removing, the impediments of development due to the Coronavirus crisis and the subsequent expansion in pathologies identified with stationary way of life, the requirement for far and wide utilization of online answers for remotely screen delicate subjects is significantly more felt.

What is a Patient Care Network?
Patient Care Networks is an innovative arrangement that permits you to remotely screen the wellbeing status of patients at home on account of gadgets associated with the organization and frameworks for sharing the clinical boundaries distinguished.

It is focused on medical care experts who treat de-hospitalized or constantly sick patients, regularly old, who need to follow a drawn out treatment and in this manner should be checked over the long haul.

The boundaries distinguished by the patient in complete independence, for instance, through wearable gadgets, are naturally sent to an activities community and imparted to the consideration group continuously, permitting the development of the illness to be continually checked.

The remote observing, consistent and proactive, permits confirming the suitability of the treatment and the right admission of medications. In case of oddities in the boundaries recognized, the framework consequently alarms the medical care staff, who can mediate rapidly and adjust the therapy.

Benefits and advantages of PCNOK
For the patient:
The patient has a sense of security and really focused on from home. On account of associated care, he is invigorated to follow the treatment and embrace right ways of life. Likewise, he is more independent in dealing with his condition.

For relatives
Relatives and parental figures can rely on the consistent management of the medical issue of their relative by the wellbeing staff, with the conviction that any intense or abnormalities will be expeditiously recognized and managed.

For medical services experts
Observing the boundaries at home permits wellbeing laborers to work in savvy filling in as from the clinic tasks focus and, simultaneously, screen more patients.

For the SSN
Patient Care Network makes it conceivable to diminish admittance to the trauma center and the over-burdening of designs. Furthermore, it permits you to save home admittance to those in genuine need. Because of distant help, it is simpler to contain the virus between medical services experts, patients and relatives.

For the climate
Moving information (and not patients or specialists) diminishes traffic and CO2 emanations.

Multi-channel Patient Care: the Health at the Home stage
The I-Tel Home Health Telemedicine arrangement permits you to make due, facilitate and set up a bunch of advanced administrations for anticipation, far off help and patient consideration.

From TV to coordination with wearable gadgets to chatbots and applications, it improves on the administration of administrations on the side of families to treat (and be careful) the older, persistently sick and delicate individuals.

Wellbeing at Home, a solitary multi-channel stage for:

support medical care work force in characterizing care plans
cooperate with patients on numerous stations (video call, SMS, phone, Chabot, application, email)
to recognize clinical boundaries from a distance, additionally through clinical gadgets
empower teleconsultation between wellbeing experts
make and oversee checking tasks focuses
Some remote checking and far off help activities of which I-Tel is an innovative accomplice :
Home Patient Care Network for Covid-19 patients in guardian seclusion
SOS Smart Ostomy Support, Connected Care for the remote consideration of the ostomy patient

Patient Care Network answers for help the old
As an immediate association with one’s family organization and medical services, the Patient Care Network can likewise be a significant instrument for helping the old.

Senior Citizens regularly live alone, have persistent sicknesses and restrictions in day by day exercises. The interconnection between keen articles and multi-channel correspondence (through application, chatbot, instant message, video call) ensure their observing and work with correspondence, with an opportune notice in case of a fall or terrible conditions.

Among the advancements valuable to guarantee the security of the old in day to day existence the executives, an answer planned explicitly to help delicate individuals in case of falls or abrupt disease.

It is a daily existence saving framework created by Easy Life, a reality that we have as of late known and that we consider especially fascinating.

The pcnok framework is unequivocally intended for the security of individuals during ordinary every day exercises. If there should arise an occurrence of crisis, it permits you to request help and actuate your organization of loved ones until, if important, you can contact 112 straightforwardly.

If no individual inside the wellbeing net can intercede, it is feasible to endow the help mediation straightforwardly to the crisis administration. The application consequently sends and gets the GPS organizes, and the kind of crisis distinguished to the public crisis community, promptly assembling help.

Patient Care Network and development to deal with individuals
On account of mechanical advancement and arrangements that remotely tackle the security, wellbeing the executives, and day to day existence of individuals, the persistent patient and the older advantage from consistent observing, in full regard of their independence and association of the entire family.

To offer help of this kind, you really want straightforward, dependable and secure availability. An issue for most associations. This is the way pcnok can help you.

The brought together foundation offers a solitary place of the executives for wired and remote organizations and the SD-Branch of any sending in the medical services area.
pcnok can ensure the profiling and right approval of admittance to the organization of all clients’ clinical records, of everything associated with the Internet.
With AI, you can execute network mechanization and proposition strong administration apparatuses to your administrators

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