Key Benefits of Hiring a Professional Order Fulfillment Company for Your eCommerce Business

A professional order fulfillment company is a great addition to any eCommerce business. An order fulfillment company can help you save time and money by handling your warehouse needs. In addition, a third-party order fulfillment provider will also offer several additional services. It includes product returns, packaging solutions, and even inventory management services.

With one partnership, you can gain access to multiple services that would otherwise be difficult for you to handle on your own.

Orders Are Processed and Shipped Properly

The last thing you want to worry about when running an online business is whether the orders are being processed and shipped properly. That’s why hiring a professional fulfillment company for your eCommerce business is important. These companies handle all aspects of warehousing and shipping for businesses like yours.

By using a third-party order fulfillment company, you can focus on other matters, like brand building and ensuring that customers are happy. Thus every order gets processed quickly, accurately, and shipped with care, and customers receive their items as soon as possible.

Proper Packing Materials are Used

You’ll want to ensure that the materials being used are durable enough to protect your products during shipping. You don’t want to be among 20% of the merchants whose products are returned by customers due to damaged packaging. You also don’t want your inventories damaged from rough handling or insufficient packaging.

It’s also necessary that the materials are reusable. You can save money by not having to buy more supplies every time a shipment is sent out.

Finally, it’s always good if the packing material is recyclable. With recyclable material, you don’t have to spend time and effort sorting through it when it comes back after delivery.

Tracking of Packages Is Done for You

Tracking packages is one of the most crucial aspects of order fulfillment for your eCommerce business. In addition, tracking is done for customer satisfaction and plays an essential role in business management.

The ability to track has advanced over time, allowing you to track shipments in greater detail than ever. In addition, you can now get real-time updates on the status of your shipments and view them remotely through a mobile device or computer screen.

Once the order is placed, the online shoppers keep tracking their shipments. It is estimated that around 91% of online shoppers actively track their shipment until it reaches them. Thus, an eCommerce business must choose a fulfillment company with a good tracking system.

Focus on What You Do Best

Hiring a professional order fulfillment company will allow your business to focus on what it does best. You can concentrate on your core competency rather than managing the logistics and handling returns. It’s much more efficient for business owners to focus on what they do best.

Since time is money, you’ll also save time by outsourcing this aspect of your business. An expert order fulfillment partner can take care of the logistical details to ensure that your site is up and running smoothly.

Manage Peak Times Without Extra Staff or Overtime

Whether you’re a new business or an existing one, there are certain times of the year when orders are higher than usual. As an eCommerce business, you should prepare yourself to the advantage of the festival season.

If you are in the online business, be ready to cash the opportunity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday because around 93% of millennials plan to shop on these days. Therefore, it’s necessary that when you get ready to take advantage of the festive season, your fulfillment company can also handle the extra orders than usual days.

When planning for the holidays, it’s necessary to know that peak season can come at any time. The beginning of the year is another busy time for many businesses. Most people make resolutions and seek products to help them achieve their goals. If your product is seasonal, you’ll also see lots of activity during those months.

Hiring a professional order fulfillment company can help easily manage these peaks regardless of when your busiest times occur. With leveraging technology and processes, all orders are processed quickly and shipped on time.

Get More Value for Your Money

You can also save money by outsourcing these services to a third-party fulfillment center. Professional order fulfillment companies know how best to ship bulky items, fragile merchandise, and hazardous materials.

If you want to focus on what matters most, outsourcing order fulfillment services is necessary. It will allow you to spend more time growing your business and less time managing the day-to-day tasks of shipping orders.

Order Fulfillment Company Use Latest Technologies

The next time you place an order, you may be surprised to receive your package via drone delivery. While this will probably not happen shortly, the possibility shows just how far technology has come.

In addition to using drones for package delivery, many companies use the latest technologies to process and ship orders. For example, some companies use robots for processing customer data and packing products before they are shipped out. They also employ automated systems for tracking packages so customers can follow their orders from start to finish.

In addition to robots and drones, some eCommerce stores have implemented software programs designed specifically for managing peak times. It helps them deal with customer demand without causing longer waits than necessary for their customers who want something faster than usual shipping times usually provide.

Outsourcing Order Fulfillment Can Help Your Business Succeed

Order fulfillment companies are an essential part of an eCommerce business. They help you find the best way to get your products from the production plant to your customer’s doorsteps. Outsourcing order fulfillment can help your business succeed by increasing customer satisfaction, reducing costs, and increasing sales.

The first step in choosing a company for order fulfillment is understanding what you want them to do for you. For example, do you need them to just handle shipping? Or would it be helpful if they also helped with product analysis, packaging design, or inventory management?

If there’s something that could improve your business’s efficiency or it’s cost-effective, then it’s worth considering adding this service to their contract.

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