Bigg Boss Over-The-Top (OTT) – Who Will Be the Next Host?

Bigg Boss Over-The-Top or OTT, is the first season of the Indian reality digital series Bigg Boss. This season was released on OTT platforms Voot Select. This season is hosted by Ranveer Singh. Here’s what you need to know. You can expect Ranveer to host the OTT version of the show. But who will the other hosts be?

Ranveer Singh to host Bigg Boss OTT 2

There has been much speculation about the next host of Bigg Boss OTT. The rumor mill has it that Ranveer Singh is going to be replacing Karan Johar as the show’s host. This is not necessarily true, as many people are already thinking about other hosts. It’s not as though Singh isn’t qualified to host, as he is a well-known actor and has already worked on the digital version of the popular show.

While Divya Agarwal won season one of Bigg Boss OTT, Nishant Bhatt was the first runner-up. The season also featured Shamita Shetty and Ridhima Pandit. Other previous contestants have included Milind Gaba and Raqesh Bapat. The latest season of Bigg Boss OTT was hosted by Shamita Shetty, who made headlines during the show. Meanwhile, Ranveer is next seen in Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani, directed by Karan Johar.

After The Bigg Boss OTT season 1, Ranveer is expected to return to the show as host. Although Karan will probably host the new season, it is highly unlikely that he will return to the Bigg Boss brand. However, he will probably continue hosting other projects after the finale of The Big Picture. Divya Agarwal, Shamita Shetty, Divya Agarwal, and Raqesh Bapat were among the other contestants in the OTT season.

According to reports, Ranveer Singh may be the host of Bigg Boss OTT season 2. There are also rumours about Mahesh Shetty and Kanchi & Mahesh Shetty being cast as contestants. It is also unclear whether the show will be broadcasted live on Voot, though he is a popular actor in the country.

Mahesh Shetty

As per reports, the makers of the next season of Bigg Boss OTT are already in talks with some celebs who might join the show. Kanchi Singh, Pooja Gor, and Mahesh Shetty are among those who have been approached to take part in the show. Poonam Pandey and Sambhavna Seth are also believed to be in the fray.

In the wake of the huge success of Bigg Boss OTT, the makers are planning to launch a second season of the reality show. According to reports, the makers have already started pitching celebrities for the second season of the show. The cast of Bigg Boss OTT is expected to include five contestants. Mahesh Shetty, Kanchi Singh, and Sambhavna Seth are also expected to participate in the next season. However, Kanchi and Poonam Pandey haven’t yet commented about the possibility.

The show will be airing on VOOT Select exclusively for six weeks. Mahesh Shetty, a Bollywood filmmaker, has also joined the show as the host. The show’s makers hope to appeal to the growing digital audience in India. They are confident that the show’s popularity will grow significantly, especially as Mahesh Shetty is returning as the host. This season of Bigg Boss will be another hit for the network.

While Ranveer Singh had been linked to hosting the show’s OTT season, he has ruled out the possibility. Other names associated with the OTT season are Pooja Gor, Kanchi Singh, and Mahesh Shetty. Poonam Pandey is yet to sign a contract. It’s a bit early to predict whether Mahesh Shetty will be a good host for Bigg Boss OTT 2.

Pooja Gor

We have already heard of Ranveer Singh and Kanchi Singh as contestants for Bigg Boss OTT Season 2. Now, we can’t wait for the next round of the reality show with their favorite celebrities. Pooja Gor, who recently appeared in Khatron Ke Khiladi 5, is also a confirmed contestant. Meanwhile, Poonam Pandey and Sambhavna Seth are rumored to be the new contestants.

As we all know, Bigg Boss OTT is going to air in 2019, and the makers have finally confirmed the contestants. The show has approached many big names in TV to participate, and Pooja Gor is among them. She is the daughter-in-law of the TV industry and is currently starring in the serial Pratigya. While the cast of Bigg Boss OTT has not yet announced a date, we do know that she is in talks with the production team to join the show.

Kanchi Singh

After a successful first season, Bigg Boss OTT is gearing up to go live on a major digital platform. Kanchi Singh, Mahesh Shetty, and Pooja Gor have already confirmed their participation. They will be competing against each other for the title of the first OTT Bigg Boss contestant. Fans of the show are excited to watch Kanchi Singh’s debut on the reality show.

Although Ranveer Singh hasn’t been confirmed to host the OTT version, his name has been linked to it. Other TV stars, including Kanchi Singh, have expressed their interest in joining the show. The makers of Bigg Boss have also been teasing Nia Sharma, who is said to be “desperate” to take the title. Nevertheless, he hasn’t said much about the show’s second season.

After Karan Johar won the first season of Bigg Boss OTT, the show makers are already pitching celebrities as contestants. Kanchi Singh, Mahesh Shetty, and Poonam Pandey are reportedly being considered. Though the show hasn’t officially confirmed the identities of any of these celebrities, speculation is rife about their participation. So, we’ll have to wait and see.

Despite the controversy surrounding the show, it has been a hit on television and has earned a strong following in the country. The show is so popular in India, there are multiple versions of Bigg Boss. The original Bigg Boss series has 15 seasons, and the OTT version will be the next one. No one knows who will be the host of Bigg Boss OTT, but speculation is rampant.

Concept of Bigg Boss OTT

The bigg boss is returning to Voot with a brand new season. Starting from 8 August, you can catch the latest season of Bigg Boss. Hosted by Karan Johar, the show is interactive and will allow viewers to decide on tasks, punishments, and eliminations for the contestants. The new version will also be round-the-clock interactive, with content being delivered on a daily basis.

The format of Bigg Boss OTT is based on the popular reality show. The show’s format will include all of the major drama that takes place in the house, 24 hours a day. Fans will also be able to watch an exclusive hour-long episode every week on Voot. In addition, viewers will also have the opportunity to watch round-the-clock content drops, exclusive cuts, and interactive editions. The cast of the new show includes Zeeshan Khan, Neha Bhasin, and Karan Nath.

Bigg Boss OTT was initially broadcast in Hindi, with Karan Johar hosting. While the Hindi version did not go as planned, the show did make waves, and now its top five contestants are preparing for the Telugu version of Bigg Boss. It will be interesting to see how the Telugu version turns out, as both versions are based on the same format. And whether they’ll be successful will depend on the contestants and the host of the Telugu version.

The concept of Bigg Boss OTT has created a buzz among viewers. The show’s first season was hosted by Karan Johar and featured Divya Agarwal as the winner. The season also featured an exciting romance between Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat. Fans can’t wait to see which of the two will be the next Bigg Boss.

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