How to Pick the Best Training Shoes for Men

Getting the wrong pair of training shoes is something that happens to everyone at some point in time. The search for the best training shoes for men can be challenging, confusing, and difficult if you do not know what matters and what does not. If you know what to look for, it becomes considerably easier and you will get more out of your training sessions. To keep things simple, there are 5 key points that you should know when looking for what could be the best training shoes for men.

#1. Design can be deceiving

When browsing for training shoes, the first thing that you see is their shape, design, and colors used. The first choice you make is with your eyes. While nobody wants to get a pair of shoes that they simply hate how they look, it is important to understand that design does nothing for your training session. Certain design trends can be detrimental and negatively affect your performance. Avoid shoes that are unnecessarily tall or have a very thick sole. Just because a pair of shoes looks cool does not mean it is practical or that it does what it is meant to do.

#2. Sole thickness

The thickness of the sole is important. It has to be thin enough for you to sense the ground but thick enough so that it absorbs some of the impact forces that you will feel in your legs. It is a matter of balance and while some would consider a certain pair of shoes as the best training shoes for men, they may not be the best for you. Keep in mind that your weight plays an important role when it comes to sole thickness. The more pressure is applied on the sole, the more you will feel thus you may need shoes with a thicker sole.

#3. Cushioning and ankle support

There needs to be cushioning and support for your ankles. Shoes such as canvas sneakers will simply not do. They use barely any padding and do not protect your ankles. You need a thin foam layer for the sidewalls and the shoe needs to end just below your ankles to provide reasonable support.

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#4. Materials used

It is uncommon to see training shoes using leather. The reason for it is that leather, especially synthetic leather, does not cope well with stress and wear and tear. They will develop cracks very easily thus their lifespan is much shorter. If you want to get the best training shoes for men, get a pair that uses mostly textile materials, especially for the front side of the shoe that is subject to bending and needs to be flexible.

#5. Weight

Weight is probably the most important characteristic of a good pair of training shoes. You want them to be light while still having all the right features to make them useful. Anything above 350 grams is considered too heavy. Most training shoes weigh about 300 grams or less. That is considered suitable and if you want to get the best training shoes for men, you will look at the ones that are the lightes

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