Your Ultimate Guide to Washing Your Silk

People love silk, and for good reasons. So, are you planning to collect Silk Laundry items but still having second thoughts because you are unsure whether you can properly wash and care for them?

Silk has consistently been the most desirable fabric material in the market, with various uses like covering silk scarves, clothes and home decor. Moreover, the fabric even demonstrates to be beneficial to your sleep pattern.

Although silk is one of the world’s strongest natural fibres, the fabric itself is extremely delicate and needs extensive care while washing, drying, and maintaining to guarantee it remains in perfect condition.

Is It Possible to Machine Wash Your Silk Fabrics?

While it may be safe to machine wash your silk fabrics, it is not advised. And because silk is a very sensitive fabric, it does not hold well to the machine drum’s continuous spinning action. As a result, silk must be handled carefully, and putting it in the washing machine is too harsh.

Not just that, but it is not a good idea to clean silk with the same cleaning agents you’d use on normal t-shirts. You should preferably clean your silk with a specific silk solution, and machines sometimes retain residue from normal detergents or chemicals from prior washes, all of which may risk damaging your silk.

How Will You Properly Care for Your Silk?

There are a few meticulous preparations and considerations that must take place before plunging your pricey silk in the laundry basin. And some of which are:

  • Is the Colour of Your Silk Fast?

Silk colours well, but even though it can withstand the most striking bright and colourful designs, printed silks could be susceptible to bleeding. Therefore, it is critical to verify the colour fastness of your silk to guarantee that its print does not fade when washed.

  • Stains Should Be Pre-Treated

Have you stained your silk? Then you should take care of things before beginning the washing procedure. You should ideally address stains as quickly as possible to ensure that they can be cleared.

  • Silk Should Be Washed by Hand

You may start when your silk has already been treated, and you are confident that it can be manually washed and cleaned without bleeding. Also, make sure you have a properly wiped bowl and that it is filled with cold water. Not too chilly, not too warm, but a great compromise between the both.

  • Silk Rinsing

Take your Silk Laundry clothes out from the basin as soon as they have been washed for the recommended amount of time, taking caution not to press the water off. Instead, empty the water and soap from the basin and replenish them with fresh, clean water and gently rinse.

How Do You Dry Your Silk?

You won’t need your machine dryer for this because drying silk in a tumble dryer is highly discouraged. Silk, on the other hand, must be air-dried for optimum results.

Silk Ironing Instructions

When your silk is air-dried properly, it should be free of wrinkles and creases. Quick ironing, on the other hand, may help it look brand new. It is true that steaming is the safest technique to remove wrinkles. However, silk may also be ironed.

So, how you clean, dry, and maintain your silk items will always be worthwhile as it will preserve their durability and pristine condition for many years. 

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