Why Power BI can be one of the Best Business Intelligence tools?

Although there are a variety of tools to help with business analytics and intelligence that are available, the most effective according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant, is Microsoft Power BI and Tableau. With a wide range of options available, the Microsoft Power BI tool is one you can trust use. Let’s find out more about this software.

What is a Power BI tool?

Power BI is a collection of applications, software services, and connectors that work together to transform data from disparate sources into information that is cohesive visual, interactive, and engaging. The data could include cloud-enabled data warehouses hybrid on-premise data warehouses or an Excel spreadsheet. Its Power BI tool allows easy connection to the sources of data as well as the visualization and the identification of what’s important to share with anyone.

The components of Power BI

Power BI is a combination of several components which work in tandem, starting with the three basic elements below:

  • Power BI Desktop – a Windows desktop application
  • PowerBI service – it is an online SaaS service
  • Power BI mobile applications to Android, iOS, and Windows devices

The three above elements enable individuals to develop consumption, share and consume business information efficiently according to their needs.

There are two additional elements:

  • Power BI Report Builder allows you to create paginated reports to share within Power BI. Power BI service
  • Power BI Report Server is an on-premises server for reports that assists in the publishing of Power BI report following having made reports in Power BI Desktop

Power BI, based on the function

The best way to utilize Power BI is based on the position in a project or team. Users can use Power BI in different ways according to preferences. Power BI is a great tool for users to use this way.

For example, Power BI can be used to display dashboards and reports. Power BI can also be utilized for number crunching, generating reports, publishing, and reviewing reports for the business. Sales professionals can utilize this Power BI phone app to keep track of progress on sales quotas and to drill down more details about a potential sales lead.

Power BI developers can make use of Power BI APIs to push data into data sets, or embed dashboards and reports into customized applications. You can also design the new visualization according to your ideas and then communicate it to others. You can also apply every aspect of Power BI at various time intervals based on the purpose of a task.

As you can see, the use that can be made of Power BI is a matter of personal preference. Power BI tools can vary dependent on the service or feature that is most suitable in the specific situation. For instance, Power BI Desktop helps in creating reports and stats as well as tracking the progress of manufacturing through a live dashboard within Power BI, displaying the progress of manufacturing in real-time dashboards within the Power BI tool, and displaying inventory and other information. Based on a Power BI data set, one can also make an interactive report that includes invoices that can be sent by mail.

The Reasons to Use Power BI

The PowerBI cloud-based service for BI was launched by Microsoft in the year 2014. It is based on years of expertise with SQL Server, Access, MS Excel, etc. It allows businesses to cleanse the data and turn it into useful insights by thoroughly analyzing the data.

Look over Gartner’s Magic Quadrant below that positions Microsoft as the most reputable manufacturer and continues to be the best in this field.

Ease of Use

Power BI offers a simple interface. Even without any prior knowledge or knowledge of programming, anyone can utilize Power BI. The inbuilt intelligence of Power BI allows users to pick the right attributes for reports, by suggesting the best element to report.

Here’s an example that shows how simple is Power BI to use. After selecting the correct data source, if you choose category and sales the tool will find the column chart by itself. Similar to sales and place it will draw out an automatic map graph.

The user interface (UI) of Power BI is easy to use and connects easily directly to data sources. When you select the data source simply drag and droplets you make the selection of attributes to be used in the report.

Furthermore, QA makes it extremely simple and convenient for anyone to have Written questions answered using Power BI by means of graphs or values in response to the question. For instance, a query such as “What was this year’s revenues per month?” will return a graph that shows the revenue for each month.

Power BI offers a range of capabilities for reporting.

Ease of Learning

Power BI was developed using the platform that was the basis that was MS Excel and follows a similar design approach to creating reports. Excel is a well-known software across the globe that makes Power BI simple to learn. If you are not very keen to learn by self-study then Consider taking the Power BI Course. Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access database were the basis for modeling data which is why it is simple for both programmers and users to understand the process of modeling data with Power BI. In addition, it includes instructional guides available on the official site as well. 

Collaboration Ease

Power BI offers a variety of choices that makes it simple to collaborate. Users can work with other users to create interactive dashboards and reports within workspaces within the app. One can even share these reports with a wider public. Sharing these dashboards and reports with a smaller number of people is possible through Power BI’s mobile application.

The reports are produced by users and exported in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. The dashboards and reports can be posted to public websites, and any person in the world can access and interact with them.


Power BI Desktop is available at no cost and users can build simple or sophisticated reports and dashboards. It’s not just that, the professional licenses for Power BI are very inexpensive at just US$10 per month). For those who want to reach a larger market, Power BI has a premium option that lets you customize the price based on use.

Large Coverage for Data Sources

Power BI has many connectors for data sources such as MySQL database SQL Server database Oracle Database, IBM Informix, Microsoft Excel, IBM DB2 database, MailChimp, Facebook, GitHub, IBM Netezza, PostgreSQL database, SAP HANA, Sybase database, Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Analysis services database, Azure Blob Storage, Salesforce among others.

Effective Tool

  • VisualizationMicrosoft’s SDK included in Power BI comes with a large library for creating custom visualizations. It allows users to alter the UI to suit their needs.
  • The data modeling: Power the BI the Query Editor tool is extremely versatile and has numerous options. It’s self-documenting and provides the possibility of going further into the DAX programming language to model data.
  • The data modeling choices for modeling data provided through Power BI are very efficient. They are based on experiences from SQL databases and Cube technology. This creates Power BI a powerful solution.

If you examine the Gartner Magic Quadrant again, you’ll see that there are several competitors for Power BI such as IBM Watson Analytics, Google Analytics, Sisense, and ZOHO reports, to name some. However, Power BI stands tall in the market due to its user-friendly interface and the prompt assistance available from Microsoft.

Other reasons why people prefer Power BI over other applications are:

  • Power BI information, as well as Office 365, integrate seamlessly with Excel and Microsoft Teams
  • The possibility of connecting to data anyplace using an array of built-in connectors is possible with the aid of Power Query
  • The ability to rapidly create intelligence systems quickly using Power BI + Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics
  • The transformation of insight into action with the Microsoft Power Platform
  • Data loss prevention is built-in through Microsoft Information Protection and Microsoft Cloud App security
  • Leading industry Artificial Intelligence that assists in the rapid identification of solutions
  • The best mobile experiences are using Power BI Mobile
  • Cloud maturity, one of the fastest-growing and most significant BI cloud
  • Weekly release of new features based on feedback from users
  • Inspiring a culture of data that is accessible to everyone


In the end, Power BI is able to help improve decision-making in enterprises through its capability to deliver insights through stunning or interactive data. It created a culture of data-driven decision-making with BI available to everyone. In addition, it keeps data secure and provides the ability to secure everything from end-to-end and label sensitivity in addition to providing the ability to monitor access in real-time.

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