why India should be your next holiday destination

Meta description- Confused about whether on not to plan a trip to India. Find the top 8 reasons why India should be your next holiday destination and have enough reasons to visit India.

Confused about whether to book direct flights to India from the USA for your next trip? Or are searching for reasons on why India should be your next holiday destination? Well, then you have landed at the right spot as this article contains the top 8 reasons why India should be your next holiday destination.

India is an incredible country equipped with rich history, architectural charm, and diverse regions. And it’s the unity among the diversities of India that attracts tens of thousands of tourist folks to it. With great architectural designs and one of the most reputed cuisines around the world, India has an undying charm that isn’t unique but is very attractive as well.

A trip to India is like a treasure chest to travelers where they find the jewels of joyous and one-of-a-kind memories. No matter what you are searching for, India has a destination that will provide you the same. The primary reason for India’s success behind a famous traveling spot throughout the world is because the country has a destination for every traveler’s mood. For people looking for serenity in peace, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are perfect states. While for those whose life is a party, Goa and Mumbai throw the perfect parties.

Let’s know the top 8 reasons why India should be your next holiday destination

Architectural and Historical beauty

One of the chief reasons for India’s popular status as a traveling destination is its architectural and historical beauty. And that is the reason why most historical geeks have a dream of booking non stop flights from USA to India. 

India is the home of one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, along with the tallest statue in the world. No matter what part of the country you are visiting, there will always be a few buildings of importance there that will leave you awe-struck with the architectural capabilities of ancient Indians.

The national capital and heart of India, Delhi, is home to many monuments like the Red Fort, Qutub Minar, and Lotus Temple. While Uttar Pradesh is where the Taj Mahal is standing proudly for over 100 years.

Heavenly nature

Besides being the second most populated country in the world, there are many places in India where you can enjoy peace and nature’s serenity. For travelers wishing to rest and rejuvenate in the lap of nature, the Himalayas offer the best of opportunities.

Places like Manali and Ladakh are great to spend a peaceful time in the mountains, but if you are looking for plains, then the tea gardens of Assam would be the perfect spot for you. Being one of the least populated regions of India, Assam is an untouched natural wonder filled with the smell of fresh green tea.

Harmony and Spirituality

Many who visit India get attracted by the spirituality and religious beliefs that the people of India follow. India is among the few countries in the world where nature is treated as a mother and its people offer prayers to plants (Tulsi, Banyan), animals (Cows), reptiles (snakes), and rivers (Ganga and Yamuna). 

The big temples with deep-rooted history elegantly design and a great number of stories attached to them fascinate the travelers as they try to learn more with each information. Cities like Haridwar and Rishikesh are perfect for someone who is seeking spirituality and is therefore taking a trip to India.

Jungle Safaris

India is filled with National parks and Bird Sanctuaries that are home to many endangered species like the Royal Bengal Tigers and white tigers. Thus, India has always been a paradise for wildlife lovers and photographers. Many discovery channel episodes are also built around the wildlife or spirituality of India as the world always craves to know more about this unique country.

Most of the National Park’ in India offer the jungle safaris option where you can hire a guide and a jeep to take a tour around the forests. The most common animals that you can come face to face during jungle safaris in India include peacocks, fox, deer, hyena, wild buffaloes, elephants, tigers, and lions.

Adventurous spot

If you have an adventurous soul and are craving some unique adventures, then India should be your next visit. The northern part of the country offers the best of experience, including Rishikesh, where you can experience adventures like rafting, bungee jumping, hill climbing, hiking, and boating. 

The Himalayas also provide the best of adventurous opportunities to travelers visiting the Indian subcontinent. With the rugged mountain peaks, glaciers, and freshwater rivers, India is perfect for an adventurous and thrilling holiday trip.

Reputed Cuisine

No matter what part of the world you belong to, you won’t be unfamiliar with the word Indian food and this is the reputation Indian cuisine enjoys across the globe. The reason behind this respect and reputation is the deep flavors and the correct use of spices in the Indian cuisine that makes it richer and more pleasant to eat.

Almost every state of India has its own unique specialty dishes like Rajasthan is popular with Dal BatiChurma. Punjab is famous for Lassi (buttermilk), while Hyderabad is famous for its Biryani.

Articrafts Shopping

Who doesn’t love shopping when it is at super affordable prices and constitutes buying unique designs? Every city of India has a local market where you can shop furniture, clothes, home décor items, dresses, baby essentials, and everything else at budget-friendly prices. 

Sarojini Nagar and Chandni Chowk are two shopping hubs of the Indian Capital Delhi and are always packed with shoppers buying things at super affordable prices. Don’t forget to bargain while shopping in the Indian local markets to get the best deals and discounts and sometimes freebies as well.

Great Hospitality

Indians are among the most welcoming people in the world as they go with two Sanskrit principles. According to these two principles, Indians treat guests as God and the world as its family. Thus, the welcoming manner of Indians is very respectful and polite. 

No matter which part of the country you are visiting, there will be ample people to help you whenever you will ask for some. 

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