Why Do People Need the Leading SAFe® Agilist Certification?

People find the methods of Agile promptly significant to small teams. However, in the present times, the majority of organisations and companies work across complex geographies and systems, and collaborative teams. Therefore, Agile is required to work across the industry to bring in the advantages of quick response to the queries of customers, better quality products and faster delivery. But because of the lack of correct processes and structure, the transformation of agile has a higher tendency of failure. Therefore, the implementations of agile would not yield the predicted impact. 

The Leading Scaled Agilist Framework® or SAFe® Agilist training teaches the full methodology for project teams of large-scale Agile to execute a seamless transformation of Agile. The initial step to change is to apply the practices and principles of Agile or Lean across all levels within an industry. The framework of SAFe® effortlessly contemporises the delivery, collaboration and alignment of various teams of Agile leading the path to the success of this enterprise. Today, with the fifth version, update 5.1, the latest release of SAFe®, promises to bring about complete business agility with substantial advances in leadership competencies, execution and strategy that will help organizations and individuals deliver creative solutions to business and succeed in the competition. 

The Growing Trend for the Leading SAFe® Certification

The enterprises of Agile and Lean have set the certification of SAFe® Agilist training as the standard. The Leading SAFe® certification will broaden the scope of the candidate in the enterprise both in terms of career opportunities and value. According to the majority of survey data, the most widely approved industry approach of Agile is the Scale Agile Framework or SAFe®. A Forrester Survey on Global Agile Software Application Development states that thirty-three per cent of the enterprise uses the Agile approach. 

You can observe the constant rise in the demand for Leading SAFe® with more than seventy per cent of US Fortune a hundred companies actively adopting SAFe®. Once a candidate of the Leading SAFe® Agilist training earns the SAFe® Agilist certifications from Scaled Agile – an internationally distinguished body of accreditation, they receive a major lead over their peers and places they are in control of the transformations of Agile in industries. 

Who can take part in the training of Leading SAFe®?

The following can attend the training course of Leading SAFe®:

  1. Solution, system and enterprise architects 
  2. Process Leads, PMO and Portfolio Managers 
  3. Product and Product Line Managers
  4. Program and Project Managers 
  5. Infrastructure Management personnel
  6. Development and QA
  7. VPS, CIOs, Directors and Managers 
  8. Leaders and executives 

The average income of a Certified SA or SAFe® Agilist per year is ninety-eight dollars. This primarily is based on organization, experience, skills and a few more factors. With the defaulting of more and more organizations to Agile, there has been a steady growth in the number of jobs for professionals of Agile who can scale Agile and Lean practices at diverse levels. Therefore, in the current industry, there are major competitive benefits for certified SAs. 

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