Why a Fitness Band is Your Perfect Health Partner

Fitness bands are activity trackers that help track your health, fitness and workouts, all just by being wrapped around your wrist. Most people who get into fitness feel the need to buy an activity tracker at some point. Fitness bands track your movements and other activities throughout the day and encourage you to walk, work out, drink water, and do other things that might improve your health and fitness.

Fitness bands can be used without connecting to your phone as all the sensory tracks record the information within the device itself. However, they usually require a companion app on your smartphone to display all the statistics and recorded data also read this medical spa Orange County

Difference Between a Smartwatch and a Fitness Band

A smartwatch is generally all the features of your smartphone compacted into a watch. It receives detailed notifications from your phone and allows you to respond to them. They support all the essential apps from your phones, such as GPS and Google Maps. Smartwatches aim to relieve the user from the inconvenience of checking their phones after every second.

A fitness band is usually designed to be more focused on tracking primary health activity. Therefore, they typically have a smaller display and a longer battery life. All the recorded information is usually displayed on a companion app on your phone. However, some fitness bands, such as the huawei band 4 smart fitness tracker, allow you to receive your phone notifications on your fitness band as well.

Features That Make Fitness Bands Your Ideal Health Partner

Fitness bands come packed with many complex functions that even leave your smartphones behind. Here are some top features that prove the necessity of fitness bands.

Heart Rate Tracker

Not only is a fitness band the old-school pedometer, but it tracks your heart rate as well. Fitness bands come with an optical sensor that measures your heart during rest and workouts. It helps calculate the number of calories you have burned and the number you need to burn to achieve the desired resting heart rate.

Monitoring heart rate also helps the band track your sleep activity and determine your sleep stages based on restlessness and changes in heart rate.

Oxygen Saturation Detection

Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) is one of the essential vital signs that can reflect the body’s oxygen supply. Fitness bands allow you to check and track the oxygen saturation level in your blood any time you want and suggest recommendations to improve their statistics.

Workout Modes

Some fitness bands also come with the feature of various workout modes. Some categories are indoor/outdoor walk, indoor/outdoor run, cycling, heavy workout, etc. Each mode sets the band to a specific set of functions according to the type of activities being performed.

Long Battery Life

Most fitness bands have durable and long battery life. A single full charge of one to two hours can live up to more than six days of usage time. Some fitness bands have a USB slot, so they can be plugged into any charger or even into your computer. Others come with a magnetic charger that connects to magnets on the back of the device.

Receive Notifications

The latest bands come with the feature of receiving notifications, calls, SMS, and even having GPS available when connected to a phone. Although this feature might not be as advanced as the one in a smartwatch, it serves its purpose.


Fitness bands are the perfect go-to between a smartwatch and a sports watch. It’s less expensive, more durable, and it gets the job done.

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