Which Ladder is the Right Choice for You?

Usually, people think that if they regularly use ladders for their work, they know which ladder to opt for, right? Even though this may be working for many people, most of them still end up preferring and choosing what is convenient over what is appropriate. Sometimes you may find yourself in a position where you have to choose whether or not the ladder in your shed holds good for the task at hand, as far as homeowners and DIY enthusiasts who use ladders for casual purposes are concerned. Therefore, we will brief you about the most common little giant ladders and what ‘heights’ each can help you achieve! 

  • Combination Ladders

These ladders have rocketed up to fame over the decades. A combination ladder refers to one that can be positioned in two or three forms. These types of ladders hold good for professional tradespeople, as it is light in weight, effortless to use and assists you in getting closer to your task at hand. For little giant ladders, the best combination ladders include the:

  1. King Combo Ladder

It can be used as a stepladder, leaning ladder and extension ladder. The revolving wall pad enables bending on the inside and outside corners, walls, and poles in the stepladder and tilting configurations. 

       2. Sentinel Ladder

Sentinel ladders convert from a stepladder to bending ladder positions. An enjoined revolving pad on inside and outside corners, walls, poles and studs allows for leaning. 

  • Multi-Position Ladders

When comparing the combination ladders and multi-position ladders, there can be confusion. Generally referred to as a multipurpose ladder or an articulating ladder, the multi-positional ladder was popularised extensively. This type of ladder transforms to a wide range of angles, including extension, right angle, A-frame, stairway and trestle-n-plank scaffolding. In addition, with completely adjustable rails, it is capable of reaching different altitudes. These ladders are a superb fit for you if you do not want to store numerous ladders. Here are a few popular multi-positionable ladders:

  1. The Level Ladder

It is aluminium made and comes with multi-position integrated Ratchet levellers so that you can work with ease on bumpy terrain too.

      2.  The Legendary Ladder

It is an aluminium ladder that has multi-position consolidated safety rails. You can position the rails up either horizontally in an extension ladder configuration as a wall stand-off or use them vertically to walk through the ladder to the roof and back again. The ladder is studded with levellers (leg). 

         3. The Velocity Ladder

The Velocity ladder is a plain, light-in-weight, multi-position ladder that helps you accomplish your tasks swiftly. It has been manufactured sturdy with aircraft-quality aluminium and has an ANS. It can withstand up to 350 lbs in all configurations.

         4. The Dark House Ladder

This spun glass multi-positional ladder is suitable for professional tradespeople and homeowners also. It has been designed to be extremely tough and hard-wearing. This ladder has been rated type I A to withstand three hundred lbs in all positions. 


When picking out your little giant ladders, you must be pragmatic. Contemplate the task you have to accomplish and decide what articles will assist you in securely accomplishing that objective. If it means sacrificing your safety in any way, it is time to bring a change and opt for a new ladder. Remember that safety comes first always!

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