Where Should You Put Your Split System Air Conditioner?

Are you a homeowner who’s wondering about the ideal location for a split system air conditioner? To come up with a reliable, accurate answer, it’s important to review a few pertinent facts about how split systems work, why people opt for them in the first place, and what their main benefits are.

Once you grasp all those essential points, it’s much easier to decide where, in your home, is the perfect location for a split system air conditioner.

Split System AC Units: Basic Facts and Benefits

Split systems are highly efficient compared to most other units. Additionally, homeowners have lots of options about placement because a large part of the system is located outdoors. Getting the initial installation done right is a central part of gaining energy efficiency from a split unit. Pay attention to accurate ductwork and finding the ideal location.

Two of the primary benefits of split systems are that they have the potential to add resale value to a home and that they come with relatively low maintenance costs compared to other kinds of air conditioning systems.

What is the Perfect Location?

Of course, every home has its own unique architectural features and design elements. However, it’s possible to decide on a general “ideal spot” to place a split system air conditioner.

In most cases, find a place as close to the center of the room as possible. This allows the unit to deliver the most balanced airflow to the room and use the least amount of energy doing so. Consider a few critical factors:

  • Cool air follows gravity: Unlike warm air, cool air seeks the lowest point of a space it occupies. Why is that important for positioning a split unit? It means you typically want to put the unit as high as possible to allow the cooled air to travel downward. A highly placed unit assures that the cool air will circulate better because it has to move downward toward the floor as soon as it exits the air conditioner.
  • For living rooms: Living rooms are unique because they are designed for sitting. When you place a split system in your living area, keep in mind the places where you and your visitors will likely be sitting and relaxing. Install the unit so that the cool air vents are positioned toward where people will usually sit.
  • In bedrooms: Avoid aiming a stream of cool air toward your sleeping space. Instead, position a bedroom’s split unit so that cool air is aimed away from where your body will be during sleep. This strategy allows for better all-around circulation in the bedroom and helps keep cool air from going directly into your face while you sleep.
  • Other rooms: In basements, dens, kitchens, and other rooms of a home, always think about where people will be when the unit is operating. Don’t aim air streams into people’s faces, directly into walls, or at the floor. The goal is to get the stream of cool air to flow through the room and then fall naturally to the floor.

When you put your split system unit in its perfect location, you’ll achieve a more efficient cooling effect and get the most out of your air conditioner for years to come.

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