Where should I be staying in Kabini? 9 incredible accommodation to choose from

For years nature lovers and adventurers have been attracted by Kabini’s quiet greenery, exciting fauna, and picturesque backwaters. This is the perfect place to spend a fantastic vacation. Your experience in the wonders of Karnataka will be perfect if you choose the ideal place to stay. While one of the most popular is the Kabini River Lodge, in the region, you can take a comfortable stay at a number of hotels and resorts.

However, if you ask us “Where to stay in Kabini?” you can find an extensive list of lodges in Kabini where you can have an excellent vacation:

1. Kabini River Lodge

It was created as the first eco-tourism venture by Jungle Lodges and Resorts Limited and the Karnataka Government Tourism and Forest Departments. It has also been recognized by the British Tatter’s Travel Guide as one of the best wildlife resorts in the world. Four packages are available in Kabini’s government lodge – Maharaja Package, Viceroy Package, Royal Kabini Package, and Diwan Package.

Kabini River Lodge provides conferences, a well-equipped bar, and a restaurant on the banks of the river. Jungle Safari is offered in all packages as a supplement, although jeep safari is not offered in the Diwan package.

2. The Serai Resorts

This is one of the most sumptuous Kabini spots for visitors spread over 70 acres of land. The resorts of Serai are situated in the wilderness of the Nilgiri reserve, surrounded by numerous trees that produce flowers and fruits. Here you can choose from three distinct types of accommodations, all extremely spacious and comfortable. whale watching los angeles

In addition to a well-equipped bar and a fine dining restaurant, modern amenities such as the swimming pool, the Wildlife Library and the Poolside Dining are available in Serai Resorts. A flashy bonfire usually lit up here at night, in addition to which your travel partners can enjoy the marvelous atmosphere.

3. Kaav Safari Resort

Kaav Safari Resort lies on the southern edge of Nagarhole National Park, one of Kabini’s most popular tourist resorts. If you spend a weekend here, you could experience the wildlife in the form of animals like gaur and barking deer in the wild as ever before.

This luxurious jungle lodge offers bird watching activities and you can also book a safari for wildlife. Private decks, swimming pools, and restaurants are all included at the Kaav Safari Resort.

4. Evolve Back Resorts

This is one of the most sumptuous hotels in Kabini and it is close to the quiet wilderness of the Nagarhole National Park. The intriguing environment of this resort is inspired by the Hadis or local tribal villages and is perfectly synchronized with nature. Each room here has been specifically designed to combine rustic tribal charm with innovative new-age design.

Here you can choose to stay at the beautiful swimming pool, safari huts, or pool reserve, many of which have a distinctive tribal leitmotif, Kadu Kuruba. Guests of the Evolve Back Resort can also enjoy various amenities such as a reading room.

5. The Bison Resort

The Bison Resort is located between Bandipur National Park and Nagarhole National Park, one of the most charming resorts in the Kabini region. During your stay here, Bison Resort overlooks the lush forest and therefore you can see several wild animals roaming around their natural habitat.

The Deluxe Luxury Machan, Suite Cottage, and Deluxe Luxury Tent offer three distinctive varieties of accommodation, among which we can book a perfect place according to your individual requirements and the budget. One of the main attractions of this resort is its swimming pool, Outdoor deck, and Backwater Breakfast.

6. Red Earth Resort

This resort would be perfect for those who plan to stay in the midst of a natural lap because it is one of the well-known Kabini hotels. The Red Earth resort is near the backwaters of the Kabini Dam and is popular because of its charming, peaceful, and peaceful ambiance.

Red Earth Resort maintains a warm and welcoming atmosphere to guarantee guests’ optimum comfort and relaxation and offers personalized services to suit all their needs. Here you can also enjoy a multi-kitchen restaurant serving the best organic dishes. Red Earth Resort offers guests the opportunity to enjoy activities such as Tibetan monasteries and safaris.

7. Machaan Wilderness Lodge

The Machaan Wilderness Lodge is approximately 100km from Mysore and provides easy access to the Nagarhole National Park. All of this lodge’s rooms and cabins are set in a coffee farm and have a lovely veranda overlooking beautiful verandas.

All the rooms have a contemporary design and are spacious enough to accommodate three persons comfortably. In these rooms, there is even a fireplace.

8. Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts

Founded in 1999, it was Nagarhole National Park’s first private lodge. Facing the beautiful river, Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts has been beautifully constructed in a colonial style. In addition to that, it is situated between two of the most famous tiger reserves of the region and the enchanting array of Brahmagiri is at the backdrop.

All rooms here open to wide balconies facing the river, and every day, during your stay here, you can wake up to the amazing beauty of nature. You can go on ATV tours at the tree plantation of the resort to spend time at Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts.

9. Kabini Lake View Resort

The resort is located on the Southern Border of the National Park of Nagarhole, surrounded by green greenery and the tranquility of the River Kabini. The resort offers several packages and its basic plan includes lodgings, dinner, lunch and high tea, and a buffet. The Kabini Lake View Resort also provides guests with the opportunity to enjoy Coracle rides along the Kabini river through activities such as jeep safaris in the Nagarhole National Park.

Kabini Lake View Resort also organizes nature walks, bicycle paths, fun fires, and visits to the tribal village to ensure that you do not have a single, dull moment.

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