What strategy should be adopted to complete the CSIR NET syllabus in 3 months?

It is very important to be disciplined to crack any exam, especially the ones conducted at a national level. As there is a huge number of applicants and a limited number of seats, it is significant to prepare well to score more in these exams. A methodised study plan is available at BYJU’s Exam Prep which aims at planning the preparation strategy of the CSIR NET syllabus in 3 months. 

Strategy to Complete CSIR NET Syllabus in 3 Months

The first step in commencing the preparation for the CSIR NET 2022 is by understanding the syllabus thoroughly and get acquainted with the exam pattern and the question trend. Also, perseverance and hard work are the two vital factors to be strictly followed for 3 months before appearing for the exam.

First, let us concentrate on a few of the basic preparation tips which will help a great deal in studying systematically.

  1. Learn about the exam pattern – Generally, the question papers are divided into different sections carrying a different weightage of marks. So, understand the pattern well and also note if any questions carry negative marks for wrong answers.
  2. Thorough knowledge of the syllabus – Always remember to check if the syllabus is as per the recent update and information.
  3. Drawing a study plan- Mark your calendar and make a study plan day wise.
  4. Rigorous reading habits – Develop a good reading habit to grab every ounce of knowledge that you can. It also improves focus on learning.
  5. Be clear with the basics – Do not study in haste. Take time to understand the concepts and get the basics right, as most of the questions rely on basics.
  6. Collect the best study material – Connect as many people as you can, be it mentors, teachers or experts in the subject and collect the best resource study material. This will help you cover all the topics of a subject without missing out on anything and there won’t be any surprises in the exam.
  7. Write notes – Make a note of everything important as you study. It helps you memorise the concepts well. Also, the notes will help in revising the chapters briefly within a short period of time.
  8. Formulas on fingertips – Learn all the formulas by heart. Memorising them saves an ample amount of time while solving the questions.
  9. Study problems with examples – To understand the concepts better, solve as many problems as possible with different examples.
  10. Attend previous years’ papers – This is the best way to know your preparation level. Keep answering the questions in previous years’ papers as they help in understanding the pattern easily.
  11. Mock Tests – Take mock tests often. It will help you to amp up in the areas where you are weak.
  12. Revise well – Revise the topics frequently to avoid lagging behind your study plan. As you move further with the chapters, previous chapters become volatile in your memory. So, revise often.
  13. Prioritise well – Although all the topics of a subject must be covered, try to prioritise important topics concerning the subject and study them first. 
  14. Take use of learning tools – With the availability of the internet at your fingertips, be sure to use smart learning skills concerning the subjects. You can use visual aids, graphical representations, videos, etc., to learn the subject well.

Additional Tips for CSIR NET

While all the above-mentioned points help prepare for the subjects in the CSIR NET syllabus, candidates should also concentrate on preparing for General Aptitude Test. Below mentioned are some useful tips that can help score more on the Aptitude test.

  • Read and understand the question carefully and patiently. Answering in haste might lead to confusion resulting in choosing the wrong answer.
  • First attempt to solve the questions that require less time to answer. Later, work on the lengthier ones.
  • Try recollecting the necessary formulas and use short tricks for solving math problems.
  • Be attentive while solving logical reasoning problems.
  • Do not guess answers as the section carries 0.25 negative marking for every wrong answer.

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