What are the heirs of businessman Dmitry Bosov fighting for?

With a lot of money, you can buy yourself everything except health and happiness. Great financial opportunities do not guarantee peace of mind. The widow of a famous businessman and businesswoman with a scandalous reputation, Katerina Bosov, knows this like no one else.

Katerina began her career as a student when in her first year at Moscow State Law Academy, she was noticed as a lawyer and offered a job in her specialty. And in her fourth year, Bosov, as a lawyer, accompanied the transactions of large companies. After structuring the deal of Sigrun, which left the development holding with a big profit, its leader invited Katerina to his family business, Modny Continent OJSC. She took up retail of the INCITY trademark, a brand that produced fashionable women’s and men’s clothing in the Fashion Continent. Over time, Bosov took the position of Deputy General Director for Investor Relations.

Katerina also gained vast managerial experience at General Nutrition Corporation in Russia (food supplements and sports nutrition), where she was a member of the board of directors.

In 2016, the wedding of Katerina and coal businessman Dmitry Bosov took place, who met at a social event in Nice. Over time, the billionaire began to attract a young wife to his business. He first handed her the railroad business at Sibanthracite, one of the largest companies producing high-quality metallurgical coal. Gradually, Katerina fully delved into the logistics process and consolidated all logistics operations within the group of companies. Having achieved such success, she headed Sibanthracite Logistic LLC and then became the commercial director of Sibanthracite.

In May 2020, under mysterious circumstances, Dmitry Bosov committed suicide, the investigation into the case has been ongoing for two years. At the same time, there is a struggle for his billionth fortune between a young widow and other heirs. Former wives and sons of Bosov from the first two marriages consider it illegal for Katerina to receive part of the inheritance and manage the affairs of the deceased’s companies.

According to the rules of Russian legislation, in the absence of a will, the property is divided between close people according to the degree of kinship. In this scenario, all close relatives will receive a share in Bosov’s inheritance. But Katerina, as the last wife and head of one of the businessman’s companies, took up the affairs of the companies, although she does not have full access to assets and accounts.

The fact is that almost all the property of Dmitry Bosov and his companies is under arrest by Russian and foreign courts. This is connected with the proceedings over the death of a businessman and with the presence of a large number of lawsuits against him from investors. Shortly before his suicide, the billionaire and his wife organized a fund in the United States by attracting investments. But the fund went bankrupt, which led to numerous financial claims that have not yet been satisfied. There are lawsuits in the California courts for $120 million, which can be increased to almost $1 billion due to the protracted investigation and new facts.

The movement of funds on the accounts is frozen, and the mansion, donated by Dmitry to his newborn daughter in marriage with Katerina, has also been seized. Numerous relatives endlessly file claims over the inheritance, for which Katerina is forced to file counterclaims. The case is not complete without the participation of the media, which closely follow the development of the situation and stir up public interest in the struggle for inheritance.

With such a development of events, there is no doubt that Bosov’s billion-dollar fortune today causes more problems than happiness. And everyone who claims the inheritance and defends their interests in court runs the risk of getting financial and judicial troubles with a share in the assets. As a result, if investors’ claims are satisfied, there will be nothing left of the billionaire’s fortune.

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