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Weleakinfo has been the subject of much debate since its first incarnation in 2018. The website, which illegally sold stolen data from companies and government agencies, was taken offline by the FBI in 2020. In its wake, the Department of Justice charged 12 individuals—including one minor—with a variety of crimes related to their involvement with Weleakinfo. Since then, cyber security experts have been debating the implications of this case for other dark web data vendors. In this article, we will examine the charges brought against those involved with Weleakinfo and discuss what it might mean for future law enforcement efforts to combat cybercrime.

What is weleakinfo?

WeLeakInfo is a website that allows users to search for data breaches and exposed credentials. The site includes information on over 10,000 data breaches, with new ones being added daily. WeLeakInfo has been cited by the FBI and KrebsOnSecurity as a source of sensitive data.

What happened to weleakinfo?

Weleakinfo was a website that sold access to over 12 billion stolen records. The site claimed to have information on over 3.5 million people in the United States alone. The site was shut down by the FBI on January 8, 2020.

How did the FBI find out about weleakinfo?

The FBI began investigating after receiving a tip from security researcher Brian Krebs in December 2018. Krebs had discovered that the site was selling access to over 3 billion stolen credentials, including usernames and passwords, email addresses, and physical addresses.

The FBI traced the domain name to an IP address in Maryland, which led them to the home of the site’s owner, Jordan Evan McIntyre. McIntyre was arrested and charged with conspiracy to violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as well as various state laws.

Who is Krebs?

Krebs is a former United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official who now runs the website Krebs on Security, which focuses on computer security and cybersecurity.

What does this mean for the future of weleakinfo?

Weleakinfo b fbi krebs means that the FBI has taken down the weleakinfo website. This is a big win for internet security, as weleakinfo was a major source of leaked information. However, it is not clear what this means for the future of weleakinfo. It is possible that the website will be back up and running soon, or that this is the end of weleakinfo.


In conclusion, we learned that the website WeLeakInfo was taken down by the FBI in April 2020. This website had a vast database of users’ login credentials and other personal information which were made available to buyers at low cost. The takedown was part of an ongoing operation lead by security researcher Brian Krebs to take down websites associated with cybercrime. It is important for us to understand how criminals can access our data through dark web marketplaces such as WeLeakInfo and take measures accordingly so that our online information remains safe and secure from malicious actors.

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