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In Volleyball Anime, Oikawa is a strong setter who knows his team very well and can bring out their best qualities. He is a good teammate and asks for help when needed. He compares himself with his teammates and makes mistakes, but his perceptiveness makes up for it. This article will cover the most important aspects of this character. Also, learn about the other Volleyball Anime Characters.

Toru Oikawa

The story of Toru Oikawa in Volleybell Anime centers on a third-year volleyball player who is desperate to reach the Nationals. Oikawa is best friends with Yuki Iwaizumi, a fellow player who is a former national champion. Oikawa is often called trashy, shitty, or “crappykawa” by his friend Iwaizumi, who cares for him despite his youthful arrogance. The manga continues five years after Hinata and Kageyama graduate from the volleyball school.

Toru Oikawa was once a talented setter at the Kitagawa Daichi Middle School. He had been interested in volleyball since he was a child, and practiced with Iwaizumi almost every day. His interest in volleyball grew even more when he watched a volleyball game at the Sendai Stadium while in elementary school. In fact, this event led to Oikawa’s subsequent interest in volleyball.

As the shounen manga ended on 4 November 2020, Furudate released its final volume of Haikyu!! and the anime series was a huge success. Fans both in Japan and overseas were incredibly happy with the manga and anime series. Volleyball is a sport where athletes compete for glory and respect. Toru Oikawa is a prominent figure in the manga and anime. If you’re interested in the show, here are a few things you should know.


Iwaizumi is a character who appears in many Volleyball anime. She is an ace in receiving and digs multiple spikes and serves. She has been seen saving balls from going out of bounds. Her appearance in the anime differs very little from her cartoon counterparts. Here is a brief history of Iwaizumi. It was created by Toshihiro Furudate in 2000.

A second-year student and the team’s middle blocker, Atsumu Miya is a member of the Karasuno High School volleyball team. He is the twin brother of Osamu Miya, who identifies him as “Tsumu.” The team also has another setter named Tobio Kageyama, who is a goodie-two-shoe. While Atsumu is talented and loves the sport, he often has conflict with his teammates.

Iwaizumi helps Oikawa become a strong volleyball player. At one point, Oikawa is in a position to win when Iwaizumi saves the ball. The three girls cheer him on and admire his coolness. Meanwhile, Oikawa mocks Iwa and tells him to focus on his current opponent. The three girls then go on to play together again, but this time, Iwaizumi is playing as a decoy.

Oikawa and Hanamaki also compete for the right to be upset. Shortly after the club meeting, the third-year members of the team are playing together. However, Hanamaki senses that Oikawa’s message is to end her volleyball career and breaks into tears. This scene is one of the highlights of the Volleyball anime characters. You’ll want to watch it to learn more about the characters in this popular series.


Oikawa has a passion for volleyball since he was a child. As a middle school student, he began to invest time and energy in the sport. By middle school, he had become a skilled setter and was struggling against Shiratorizawa Junior High, despite his natural talent. His rivalry with Shiratorizawa’s ace player, Ushijima, also helped him become an ace.

Although the show is about volleyball, there is a deeper message behind the story. The character of Hinata is an INTJ whose tenaciousness reflects her innate grit and determination. She is an example of an INTJ character that is motivated by her tenacity and ability to succeed regardless of her age. She is also extremely intelligent and is capable of using her analytical and intuition to her advantage.

Although she is smaller than her teammates, Hinata is still taller than her teammates. Her height is the main obstacle she faces during training. Her small frame makes her smaller than her teammates, so she must put in a lot of extra effort to improve her skills. Her awkwardness at first causes her to lose her confidence, but she gradually learns to be confident in herself. Hinata is a great role model for girls in volleyball, as she is able to make them feel comfortable with their physical appearance.

In the spring qualifier tournament, Hinata is a member of the Aoba Johsai. Her goal is to win the competition, and she gets her chance to do so. The following episode sees her meeting with Oikawa, who also has the same passion for the sport. This is a great start to a volleyball anime character’s story!


As a child, Oikawa began to devote himself to the sport. By middle school, he was already an elite volleyball player, and began to rival Shiratorizawa’s ace, Ushijima. The two began to develop a friendship, which helped Oikawa develop his skills as a player. However, their friendship soon turned into an intense rivalry.

When the team reaches the Sendai City Gymnasium, Oikawa is with the team. The fangirls pull him away, however, and he finds himself in a dangerous situation. He soon realizes that a volleyball has struck him, and he immediately becomes fearful. He tries to run away from the scene, but eventually follows his friend Iwaizumi into the gym.

Though talented and athletic, Oikawa suffers from feelings of inferiority toward other volleyball players. He often mocks Kageyama by describing him as “Tobio-chan.” However, Oikawa sees this as a weakness and is willing to work harder to compensate. Oikawa’s skills as a setter are based on his skill at learning each player’s preferences and attacking weaknesses. Oikawa’s talent comes from years of practice and dedication.

Oikawa is afraid of Kageyama because he believes that Oikawa is stronger than him. He also knows that he has more than enough players to be effective in this situation. This means that Kageyama can use any of them to his advantage. As long as he stays focused, Oikawa can win the game. He also knows how to use his entire team.

Lev Haiba

As the tallest player on the Nekoma High Volleyball team, Lev Haiba has been given several nicknames. He has disproportionately long limbs, and his athletic ability is apparent in his incredibly long legs. Despite his natural volleyball abilities, Lev is also a child at heart, and he often offends people with his insensitive jokes.

In Volleyball Anime Characters Oikowa, Lev is a third-year player desperate to reach the Nationals. He is the childhood best friend of Iwaizumi, and the two have played together for a long time. They joke about how trashy and crappy Oikawa is, but they are true friends. Oikawa also plays volleyball for the Ca San Juan S volleyball club in Argentina.

Despite his youth, Shohei Fukunaga is a second-year student at Nekoma High. He is a wing spiker on the school’s volleyball team. His quiet nature is a big advantage to his team. However, his teammates are often frustrated by his incompetence, and he feels compelled to do better than them.

Oikawa’s cousin Motoya Komori and sister Kiyoomi Shimizu are also part of the team. They are cousins and teammates. Although Kiyoomi has a shy personality, she is a mature and well-balanced person. She cares about the team’s success and is surprisingly shy. Despite this, she is still the captain of the team.


Oikawa is the third year player of the school’s volleyball team. She’s desperate to get to Nationals, and is the childhood friend of Iwaizumi. Despite her nicknames, Oikawa has a lot of skill, and is a strong setter for the team. She also plays volleyball for the Ca San Juan S club, a team in Argentinian league.

Oikawa teaches Tendo about how to read his opponent, and makes him an effective middle blocker. He is loud and cheerful off the court, but turns into a completely different person on the court. He has a knack for reading opponents, something he learned from Hinata, whose dedication to the sport has made her a valuable player on the team.

The second most important character is Ushijima, a volleyball ace and captain of the Shiratorizawa school team. His loyalty to the team is tested as he consistently excludes Hinata from games because of his height. He also has a rude personality, often taking others to the extreme and using the word “bluff” as an insult. The main antagonist of Volleyball Anime Characters Oikawa plays opposite of her.

The manga series, Haikyuu!!, is based on a manga series written by Haruichi Furudate. The series is set in the competitive world of high school volleyball and follows a group of girls called the “clipped crows” as they struggle to improve their reputation in Japan. The characters are a mixture of many different personalities, and their relationship is often central to the plot.

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