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Top 5 Gold Chains to Complete Your Streetwear

Don’t you ever want to go out without deciding an hour on what to dress? Somedays, we are just tired from workdays that we go out for errands dressed casually without worrying too much about how we look. Especially these times, you need a perfect accessory that can go with any outfit and enhance your general outlook to a sophisticated or chic one. Dear friends, that accessory is a gold chain. If that accessory is a 14k solid gold chain, no one will notice what you wear, as your focal jewellery will do the rest. 

Top 5 Gold Chains To Complete Your Streetwear

Top 5 Gold Chains:

The term streetwear was coined from the outfits and looks carried by many rappers and athletes in the early 80s and 90s that became a particular outlook now followed by other celebrities and regular people. But that’s not just the streetwear as streetwear can be any dress in general that you don’t wear for office, business, school, etc., which in most cases, is your regular casual wear.

Therefore, today we will talk about carrying the best look for casual and streetwear with top 5 gold chains.

  1. Gucci Style Puff Chain:

This beautiful chain incorporates the Gucci design so wonderfully into the chain links that others will hardly notice it first, and that is what we believe is the chain’s charm. This unisex chain can be made from white, rose, and yellow gold of 14K purity. It can be tailored to 6-34” length on your requirement while weighing only 14.5g. this beautiful sold gold chain will cost $695. You can wear it with casual looks and will look perfect with a loose blouse for women, and a shirt plus t-shirt look for men.

  1. Bead Bar Gold Link Chain:

This gold chain looks like a Cuban chain link, but with close inspection, small-sized gold bars are intricately connected with chain links giving it a solid bracelet. Each chain link is 1.55 mm wide, weighing only 5g. you can get this chain in white or yellow gold, costing only $345. This intricate chain will complement your streetwear look best if worn on your wrist.

  1. Solid White Gold Chain for Ladies:

This for women looks best on them to give a naturally sophisticated look enhancing their charm and beauty and perfect when added with a matching pendant. Girls can wear this even on plain t-shirts during summer and can easily become a part of your jewelry collection for just $129.

  1. Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Curb Chain:

This will give you a signature look that most of us seek as this 14K solid yellow gold is professionally polished and weighing just 12g gives you solid look. Men can wear this linked chain with any streetwear and will look amazing. This Cuban chain link costs $720.

  1. Cuban Styled Gold Chain:

This chain is a 40” long that will emanate your wealth and personality due to its perfectly shiny and heavy look. This will complement perfectly with a gold watch on your wrist.

How to Wear Jewelry with Streetwear?

When it comes to wearing a good piece of jewelry, especially gold chains with streetwear, you need to consider a few things and add a few new stuff to your wardrobe. What things or stuff, you ask? Let us tell one by one.

Buy Stylized or Graphic Tees:

The best streetwear is both casual and flashy at the same time. The best trendy look that you can get is by wearing a highly stylized T that not only makes you sassy and casual but, with a gold chain, further enhance your look.

Buy Good and Comfortable Sneakers:

Streetwear isn’t complete without sneakers, and they are the most important factor in uplifting the street style. Remember, you want the sneakers to be the statement of your outfit even when wearing a gold chain on top. The gold chain is here for the complete look.

Work Around a Single Tone:

Going monochrome isn’t just an easy tool to enhance your look; a gold chain on any monochrome will become the centerpiece of attention on your already sleek look. Monochrome always adds a sense and beauty to this urbanized look. Another addition that you can make along with the gold chain includes a patterned bag for women and colorful sneakers for men.

Mixing and Matching to Your Heart’s Content:

The fun is all in the details; combine different complementary colors to find a new look that fits you. Include patterns wherever you can by using your imagination. Don’t forget to match the chain metal to your outfit for the best outcome.

Add Other Accessories:

Why stop with a single gold chain? Add hats and caps, glasses, bracelets, and earrings to your street attire for a more fun look. Learn to be expressive of your style by adding some flair.

Go Old School: 

Occasionally, go old school by going vintage. It is common knowledge now that fashion repeats after every couple of generations when people are ready to feed their nostalgia. Bringing back childhood styles and colors with your outfits and clothes can become more fun and unique. The more we go back, the more a gold chain goes great with those outfits.


The best part of streetwear is adding colors to your outfit and life. Streetwear changes in your wardrobe can shift your looks from good to great if you know what you’re going for. Add a few Tees with graphical designs and a few bright colors, buy a few casual and formal shirts to go well with jeans, and finally buy a few good pairs of shoes for different occasions and styles. The more time you invest in yourself might make you more selfish, but sometimes it is needed in the west with finally the covid being over. Add a couple of gold chains to the mix by looking for, and you are set for the season.

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