Top 10 best hotels in Chikamagalur, luxury and affordable.

About Chikmagalur

The City of Chikmagalur takes the name from “Chikkamagala Uru” meaning the younger daughter’s city (in Kannada). This was said to have been given as a dowry to the younger daughter of Rukmangada, the legendary chief of Sakrepatna. Another part of Hiremagalur is the city that the elderly sibling is given.

There are ancient inscriptions that show the two sites were Kiriya-Muguli and Piriya-Muguli. In the fertile valley of Baba-Budan hill, the town is the district headquarters. It is a center for education, finance, and transport.

Chikmagalur’s Top 10 Best Resorts

Chikmagalur is a lovely holiday weekend and a great place for your vacation. There are no restrictions on places to visit or do and enjoy in Chikmagalur and resorts in Chikmagalur. Enjoy a range of these resorts, which include swimming pools, mountain-top homes, Ayurvedic Spas, bird-watching and fishing. You don’t have to find any reasons why you should visit Chikmagalur’s Hotels & Resorts during the year and these hotels & resorts will help you understand the best things for your stay when you’re here.

1. The Serai Chikmagalur

Located in a green Western Ghats mountain hill, The Serai Resort Chikmagalur offers beautiful scenery and a perfect blend of lakes and nature. It’s a history of happy and sad memories guests have made overtime at this place.

Situated on a green hill in the Western Ghats, surrounded by rich culture, brightness, and different tastes of coffee. Seek your thirst and curiosity at Chikmagalur’s luxurious resorts. The birthplace of the very first coffee plantation in India was Chikmagalur. Many plantations thrive on the slopes of the mountains today, often protected by dense, evergreen forests.

2. The Gateway Chikmagalur

The Chikmagalur Gateway is an outstanding combination of colonial contemporary architecture and performance. The Chikmagalur Gateway is a new-year natural lap experience with modern traveler amenities and facilities.

3. Java Rain Resorts

Want the best resorts? The original coffee hills of India have now reached a new destination in Chikmagalur for a Luxurious holiday resort, Java Rain. Nestled along the Mullayangiri hills, the Java Rain has 20 villas with richly appointed accommodation facilities and amazing views on one side of the Baba Budan hills, and a wonderful panorama of Chikmagalur city. On one side is an active coffee plantation.

4. Honeydewwz Exoticaa Hotel & Resort

Experience Nature in its purest form when we treat you to an unforgettable experience. Exotica Honeydewwz Hotel & Resort combines the best of adventure, luxury, amazing views, delicious local cuisine – the perfect getaway for family and friends.

5. Nexstay Coffee Grove Resort

The Coffee Grove Resorts in Chikmagalur is a luxurious and affordable place to stay, situated at a scenic and inaccessible location in Chikmagalur and is located near most of the major tourist attractions of Chikmagalur. The modern luxuries and facilities are ideal for families, friends, parties, and business groups, to ensure a memorable and fun stay.

6. The Grand Krishna Luxury Hotel

The hotel has 27 well-appointed, luxury rooms, which are beautifully designed for guests to relax and regenerate with great fashion during their stay. Grand Krishna’s location in the center of town is only 1⁄2 kilometers away from the bus terminal.

7. Hotel Aadrika

Hotel Aadrika is situated in the center of the city, close to the nearby green hills and offering an excellent holiday experience and an extraordinary wealth of hospitality. The air-conditioned rooms are all equipped with Wi-Fi access and are divided into luxury rooms, rooms for balconies and suites.

8. Trivik Hotels & Resorts

A 38 acres coffee grove on top of the hills of Mullayangiri, Trivik Chikmagalur Resort offers the possibility to enjoy a spa center and sauna, at approx. 1622 m above sea level. A fitness and barbecue are available at the resort and guests can dine in the restaurant or enjoy a cocktail at the lounge. The house has free private parking.

9. Siri Nature Roost

Welcome to a carefree, intimate, and lovingly created paradise, where total luxury meets unlimited freedom. Flee from everyday life and return to a well-lived and well-earned life with a deep connection to the world. Welcome to Roost Siri Nature. Welcome. Siri Nature Roost is situated in the wilderness of Chikmagalur and provides a wonderful retreat.

10. Winter Greens Resort

Winter Greens has spread over 17 acres of lush greenery in the foothills of the Western Ghats and remains true to his reputation. It offers moderately priced and aesthetically constructed cottages in a Texan style with mango trees and tall cocoa trees, and it’s a great place to relax and rejuvenate.

From the nearby lake, which adds to the natural beauty, Winter Greens receives crystal clear water. Built on an island made by man, this recreation center is ideal for those who enjoy wildlife and others interested in natural resources

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