Tips on How to Wear Chandelier Earrings

Chandeliers are one of the most popular earring designs that you can easily spot in every fashion–savvy women’s wardrobe. These earrings are named so because of their resemblance to artistic adornments used to beautify home interiors. Just like chandeliers are used to light up home, chandelier earrings lit up your persona when worn. These elegant earrings featuring a wide range of designs, metals, finish, size, and patterns are great choices to ramp up your style quotient. 

So, if you are ready to add a few chandelier earrings to your jewelry box, make sure to read this styling guide first. 

Chandelier Earrings As Per Your Face Shape

Chandelier earrings look flattering with any face shape. But because of their unique dangling effect, they are particularly best for women with round, diamond-shaped, and heart-shaped faces. With their edgy effect, these earrings let you show off your cheekbones. They balance out your facial aesthetics to make your face appear sleeker. Moreover, they help emphasize your neckline to make it look longer along with enhancing elegance. 

Hairstyle To Wear With Chandelier Earrings

You can flaunt your chandelier earrings with different types of hairstyles. If you have mid-length hair, opt to straighten and part them on the side. Then tuck away the lower side to showcase your earrings. For long hair, wear a chandelier with a high ponytail or messy bun to draw attention. Additionally, you can also style these earrings with bob cut hairstyle. 

How to Match Chandelier Earrings to Your Ensembles

The best thing about chandelier earrings is that they are superbly versatile. No matter whether you wear them at a formal meeting or causal get-together they will look equally enchanting. On formal occasions, you can pair them with an elegant gown and for casual occasions, you can pair them with any slack outfit. 

Some of the best combinations with different chandelier designs are:

  • Rose gold chandelier earrings with black pants and white combination attire. 
  • Diamond chandelier earrings with a black dress or a floral white gown. 
  • Clear stone chandelier earrings with solid color attire.
  • Rose gold chandelier earrings with a bohemian outfit. 

Types of Chandelier Earrings

  • Floral Chandelier earrings.
  • Teardrop Chandelier earrings.
  • Bohemian Multi Beads Tassel Chandelier earrings. 
  • Thread Tassel Chandelier Earrings. 
  • Hoop Chandelier Earrings.
  • Dangle Chandelier Earrings.
  • Crystal Chandelier Earrings.

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Lastly, one must remember the rule of thumb for chandelier earrings is that these earrings are themselves statement pieces. They look pretty and tend to seek attention. Thus, when dressing up it is good to keep the rest of your jewelry subtle and muted. If you are wearing chandelier earrings, then better opt for a simple neckpiece or you may even avoid it. But you can definitely pair it with a fine diamond ring. Don’t know what ring design to pick? Find out here now

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