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The Natural Ingredients used at Yun Nam Hair Care

As a well-reputed heritage brand, Yun Nam Hair Care continues offering the best hair care services to all people in Singapore and abroad. The center has customized its services to fit both men and women who seek help due to their hair loss problems. But do you know what makes the Yun Nam treatment effective? They use a natural ingredient that they use in developing a treatment formula fit for every scalp skin.

If you have hair problems and fear that treatment methods might worsen your condition, Yun Nam is here with their natural herbal hair problem remedies. The solution to your problem is just a click away

Say bye to your problems with Yun Nam’s natural ingredients. Here are the ingredients that Yun Nam Hair Care  uses to nourish your scalp and give your hair the best foundation for healthy growth for the premium best results.


Ginseng has been the most popular Chinese herb that has many benefits, including treating hair loss. The herb contains ginsenosides, chemical components to which clinical effects are attributed. This active component ginsenosides contained in the herb has a positive impact on the hair cycle and growth.

The ingredient that can promote hair growth is its ability to handle some hair loss physiological factors. Ginsenosides in the herb have an anti-oxidation effect that changes the cycle of hair growth and impacts dermal papilla and keratinocyte growth. These active components act as reversal agents in UV ray exposure, leading to hair loss and weakening.

Moreover, the anti-aging features are associated with slowing down collagen deterioration hence boosting the natural hyaluronic acid. Ginseng’s nutritional elements like phytosterols and saponin help in healthy scalp maintenance. Additionally, the herb has properties that decrease and modulate the inflammatory substance that promotes hair loss. Generally, the ingredient promotes health and strong hair growth.


  • Increases hair thickness
  • Relieves an itchy scalp
  • Nourishes hair from the root to tip

2.He Shou Wu

This ingredient has been in use for the medicinal qualities found in its roots. He Shou Wu has been used because of its longevity and anti-aging properties. Besides nourishing the kidneys and the liver, the plant stimulates blood circulation to the hair scalp, promoting healthier hair. This ingredient reduces premature hair greying by stimulating the production of the scalp and nourishing hair follicles. Hence making the hair black and strong.


  • Restores growth of dark hair
  • Preventing hair greying
  • Stimulates hair growth

3.Dang Gui

Also known as archangel, Dang Gui is a mysterious herb believed to treat plague. In Japan and China, the herb is used as a women’s tonic. Although there are six different various of the herb, Dang Gui is the only one whose medicinal purposes are known.

The plant has a lot of benefits for hair growth as it promotes healthy hair. It is enriched with essential vitamin E, which aids in stimulating oxygen circulation in the scalp and other body parts. Its medicinal properties boost metabolism and replenish the body’s nutrient supply, vital for healthy hair growth.


  • It promotes new hair growth
  • Strengthens the roots of the hair
  • Prevents hair loss


Hair loss is a critical condition that needs immediate action. But using chemicals can worsen the condition. The Yun Nam Hair Care industry uses natural ingredients to bring this change more effectively.

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