The Limitations of Invisalign Teeth Straightening Technology

Invisalign – the cutting-edge teeth straightening treatment

Invisalign is a cutting-edge orthodontic procedure that straightens the teeth without using metal brackets. The technology involves a series of carefully customised clear transparent braces that precisely fit into your mouth. The braces are worn on the teeth and they exert gentle but calculated pressure to pull the teeth into the right position over a period of time. Unlike the conventional metal brackets these aligners are transparent in appearance and are easily removable. Thus, these are much less noticeable compared to their metal counterparts.

The majority of people are unfortunately in lack of proper information. Therefore they consider the traditional metal braces are the only option to improve their smile. However modern orthodontic dentistry has improved over leaps and bounds. The invisible braces used in invisalign treatment practically remain invisible inside the mouth. As there is no metal bracket or wire hanging from the mouth no one gets to know that you are undergoing teeth straightening treatment. As such there is nothing on your part to feel embarrassed about.

Invisalign facilitates smooth, comfortable and precisely aligned teeth within half the time required by conventional metal braces. It is the perfect discreet teeth straightening procedure for both teens and adults alike. Unlike the other procedures it not only delivers desired and timely results but also gives a preview of your smile even before the treatment has started. 

Component of invisalign braces

The discreet aligners are made from high quality mouldable plastic. In fact these are made from a special category of plastic that is BPS-free. Thus these are way more comfortable than those traditional metal braces. The customised clear plastic aligners are designed to give you straighter teeth as well as beautiful smile that you always desired for. At the initial stage you have a consultation with your chosen orthodontic expert. The expert assesses your overall mouth and discusses your smile goals using the opportunity. 

Who is the treatment suitable for?

The treatment procedure is equally ideal for both adults and teenagers alike. In other words, it is suitable for all age groups. The transparent aligners are unquestionably reliable in 

  • Closing gaps between adjacent teeth
  • Correcting the problems of overbite, under bite, cross bite, open bite and overcrowded teeth

Thus the cutting-edge technology is not only meant to straighten the teeth to improve the smile but also to resolve a number of other orthodontic issues. 

How the procedure works out

First you are assessed whether invisalign is suitable for you. The examination includes taking x-rays of your teeth and the gums along with preparing a 3D model of the overall mouth. Using these resources a thoroughly tailored treatment plan is prepared. The movement and shifting of the teeth are based on the treatment plan so prepared. It also determines how long the treatment will last. 

The x-ray plates along with the 3D model are then sent to the invisalign laboratory. Based on those resources your custom aligners are prepared. These transparent plastic aligners practically remain invisible inside the mouth and thus this particular teeth straightening technology is immensely popular among both adults and teenagers alike. 

The way invisalign works

As already mentioned above, the technology makes use of a system of clear aligners. The aligners are perfectly customized according to the moulds of your teeth. Made from high grade plastic that is completely free from BPA the aligners gently and gradually move the teeth into desired position by applying steady but gentle pressure. You have to switch over to a new set of aligners after every couple of weeks. This continues throughout the duration of the treatment. The time required from the treatment varies from case to case depending on a patient’s individual cosmetic expectations and the level of complexity in bite issues. 

Limitations of the treatment

It has already been mentioned above the wide range of bite problems that this cutting-edge teeth straightening technology can easily handle. However it does not have the same level of efficiency as conventional metal braces. So, what are the problems that cannot be solved with it? 

Limitations of the treatment procedure include the following:

  • Problem of severe overbite – regular overbite problem can be smartly handled by invisalign; for severe cases of overbite conventional metal braces are definitely more ideal.
  • Shape of the teeth – teeth that are exceptionally short or pegged are known to prevent invisalign to work smoothly.
  • Position of the teeth – if the teeth are exceptionally rotated, in such cases the clear aligners are not suitable to shift them to desired alignments.
  • Exceptionally gapped teeth – invisalign can conveniently correct small gaps in between the teeth. But if the gap is too vast, traditional braces are more effective.  
  • No intrusion or extrusion – the invisible braces cannot lower or raise the position of your teeth.

In addition to the points mentioned above patients having previous dental work done in their mouth – for example bridges – are usually not considered ideal for invisalign treatment. 

Age limit of the treatment

There is no upper age limit for this treatment. Young teenagers and older adults – both are equally suitable for it. And the both are benefitted by this treatment. Interestingly the technology only works when all the baby teeth have been replaced or at least erupted. It is important that a patient keeps wearing the aligner minimum 22 hours a day throughout the treatment phase. This commitment and dedication are utmost important. Else it will not deliver expected results. Therefore before starting the treatment it is crucial to ascertain whether you can really stay committed and dedicated to it for weeks and months at a stretch.  

An increasing number of people use online search strings like “Invisalign near me in London” to reach out to reliable orthodontists to undergo the cutting-edge teeth straightening treatment. Remember you should possess a sound overall oral health to be eligible for the treatment. If your teeth and the gums are not strong and healthy before invisalign then chances are high you may succumb to periodontal gum disease or tooth decay by the end of the treatment. 

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