Selecting the Right Music for Your Podcast

If you have a podcast or are thinking of introducing a podcast and you have already chosen the essential gear to start the podcast, but you are wondering how to select the music and sounds of the episodes. This is a common question among new and seasoned podcasts. The good thing is that you’ve probably heard a lot of music on podcasts and maybe even understood where and when the music improves the episode.

Some of the musical symbols and sounds of podcasting have their roots in 20th-century radio broadcasts and even films. Some symptoms are very common in the last few years of the podcasting culture.

Music for podcast introduction & theme

Before launching a new episode, the podcast introduction should start with good theme music from sites like It helps to think of your podcast not just as an opportunity to tell a story but as a product. And the genre needs to be seen immediately, not just for the general audience but for the audience who are testing your podcast for the first time.

With your presentation music and theme, think of some memorable ways to present your podcast. Also find specific music, regardless of genre or style that suits your podcast theme. If it is a comedy, try to find something strange, such as theme music to Reduce Your Motivation — not a podcast, but a program music icon. If you want to stand out, using free podcast music is not recommended.

Podcast Structure

In general, the composition of the podcast is not very different from the movies and radio broadcasts, which are influenced by the design of the three action games. Like those formats, podcasts have three actions.

The first part, Introduction, begins with a pre-recorded theme music with a summary describing the podcast. The introduction also clearly introduces the story or title of the episode.

Key content songs and sounds

In the main section of the podcast, you can use different types of music to convey different emotions and weather. To find the right music, it is helpful to think about the mood you are trying to evoke in your audience, and then search for the right music and sounds. You can use the filter filters in Artlist to improve your search and find the right song at any time in your podcast.

Another reason to find appropriate podcast music is related to guest sections or interview topics. Maybe one of your interview guests or attendants did not give a very good comment, or their delivery was low. In that case, choosing the right podcast music can help the editing process to make the part smaller and more compelling.

Lots of music is available from many genres, styles, and regional backgrounds. For many different purposes, there is no reason not to find songs and musical symbols that are suitable for any type of occasion. Even if it takes a little while to find a good song, the search should be fun and worth the effort.

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