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As we as a whole know in milestones your life frequently relies upon that how quick you can get your hands on weapons. So in case that is so significant I chose to gauge what direction is the quickest to go toward the start of the game. 

The majority of you most likely sorted out that going face down from the plane then, at that point holding barrage + forward when your parachute flies (to keep away from speed misfortune) and after that forward work you will land is the quickest method to get down. 

Things are getting somewhat more convoluted when we need to travel further like 2 or 3kms away from the plane. Night-time and long stretches of attempting diverse ways and rates, I arrived at the resolution. 

At the being of the main strategy, we need to go ahead by gazing toward the skyline and attempt to get the extent that you can before auto-pull of your parachute will kick-in (900m – 1.2km is the maximum you can do). The distance which you will go get-togethers is open relies upon the speed which you will keep up with. 

There is a diagram with my outcomes: 

Speed – Distance – Time 

20+km/h – 1,40-1m 25sec 

40+km/h – 1,55-1m 09sec 

50+km/h – 1,50-1m 00sec 

60+km/h – 1,30-0m 58sec 

second Technique is tied in with flying forward and hauling your parachute out straightaway. After that keeping up with right speed will give us humongous contrasts in outcomes. 

There is a graph with my outcomes: 

Speed – Distance – Time 

20+km/h – 2,90km – 3m 33sec 

30+km/h – 2,30km – 2m 35sec 

40+km/h – 1,90km – 2m 02sec 

50+km/h – 1,65km – 1m 37sec 

60+km/h – 1,30km – 1m 24sec 

Third Technique Parachute Right Down and Drive with Vehicle 

I additionally estimated approx time which brings in the event that we would parachute down to the vehicle and attempt to drive 2kms. This way we can think about it will significant distance dropping and realize what direction is quicker. 

That is the thing that I found: 

Vehicle – Distance – Time 

UAZ – 2km – 2m 17sec 

Carriage – 2km – 2m 14sec 

Dacia – 2km – 2m 02sec 

Bicycle – 2km – 1m 51sec 

SuperBike – 2km – 1m 44sec 

Ofc bicycles are the quickest and really will beat anybody on parachute and Dacia will get you there in about a similar time. 

Remember tho that the entirety of that estimations were finished with amazing driving and on a somewhat level surface. 

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