Perks of Wearing Cycling-Specific Activewear

The National Cycling Participation Survey study shows that cycling is one of the most common forms of physical exercise in Australia. About 3.43 million Australians ride bicycles every week. While 80% of them use the bicycle for recreation, the other 20% use them for transport, mainly to reach schools, workplaces, shops or visit friends nearby. Many people usually wear shorts and a shirt or regular activewear from their closets while riding their bicycles. While it may seem fine initially, they would start feeling uncomfortable after a few minutes. Wearing cycling apparel with specific features like men’s cycling knicks can ensure that the rider is comfortable, efficient, protected, and have a happy riding experience.

What Makes Cycling Activewear Different from the Rest?

Cycling wear and gear include jerseys, shorts, shoes, gloves, eyewear, and helmet, which every professional cyclist must have. For those who ride cycles regularly and for a longer duration equipping themselves with bib shorts, bicycling shorts, or men’s cycling knicks will make the experience healthy, comfortable, and fun. They have the right design to ensure safety and efficiency, including padding or chamois in the right places, tight-fitting but flexible design, strategically-placed seams, and stretchable material like spandex or Lycra. They reduce air resistance, provide breathability and wind block. They provide flexibility which allows the rider to stretch and maximise aerodynamics on the bike. There are many advantages of using cycling activewear.

It Reduces Chafing and Spanking

Cycling involves back and forth movement of the legs to induce peddling and movement. This action can result in the inner thighs rubbing against each other or the bicycle seat resulting in chafing. Wearing a good pair of padded men’s cycling knicks or shorts can protect these places from painful vibrations and soreness. They also minimise spanking and make the ride painless.

It Protects the Intimate Body Parts

One of the most important uses of bicycling shorts and activewear is protecting the places around the intimate body parts. They protect the region from experiencing pressure or pain caused due to prolonged contact and regular movements against a bicycle seat. It also protects the sit bones on the base of the hips to help distribute the pressure around the sensitive tissue between the legs.

It Increases Blood Flow

Wearing a good pair of cycling shorts, bib shorts, or men’s cycling knicks can increase the blood circulation to the legs to aid better muscular functioning. It provides better-sustained power and endurance due to the mild compression induced by tight-fitting activewear.

It Keeps Riders Dry, Cool and Comfy

Cycling Activewear is made of moisture-wicking material that removes sweat and oils from the skin to enable longer riding. Wearing a loose-fitting t-shirt could act as a sail and hold the rider back from achieving their maximum speed. Cycling-specific jerseys and shorts are generally cut to fit the body snugly. It helps the rider overcome the resistance posed by the wind blowing from the front. Cycling wear is available in different designs and cuts. So, one can find the outfit that fits their body type perfectly.

It Provides Protection from the Sun

Riding out on a bike under the Australian sun can expose their skin to all kinds of elements. They are being exposed to the sun, especially during the summer when temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees celsius. Sun exposure can be dangerous to the skin as it can develop rashes, blemishes, burns and bruises. As cycling activewear is designed to be lightweight and breathable with an ultraviolet protection factor, this has made it popular among riders.

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