Perks Every Australian Musicians Will Get From Music Licensing

Music is a big part of Australia’s colourful culture. A report claimed that one in three Australians listen to music at least three to four hours a day. People in the country also embrace all forms of musical styles and genres, including traditional and innovative sounds. 

But playing music at home or in your car is different to playing music in your business. Like most countries, the government strictly implements measures in music licensing in Australia. This requirement is strictly implemented before any establishment blasts off any music in the store or other public areas. Most importantly, music licensing is also crucial for artists to protect their intellectual property. 

If you are a professional or up-and-coming musician living and working in Australia and still unsure if you should have your music licensed, these benefits will convince you to register your work immediately. 

1. Wider Exposure 

Most musicians produce music to let other people enjoy the sounds. However, some artists make music for fame and money. No matter your motivations, your talent in making music must be shared with a wider audience to give you a sense of fulfilment. 

Music distribution has become more convenient due to online platforms. But extended exposure without a music license may put your product at risk of copyright infringement. So before aiming to share your music all over Australia, you must first secure your music license as soon as possible. 

2. Provides New Income Stream

Pack Australia’s Global Music Streaming and Its Impacts on the Local, Original Music Communities report discovered that the average income of Australian musicians is only $7,200. It may not be enough to give you a comfortable life in the country, especially if you are raising a family. 

You will increase your income streams if you choose to license your music. For example, sync licensing can help you earn money if a person plans to feature your music on a movie, TV series, radio or TV ads, or video games. You may also earn if people play your licensed song on any public vehicles, hotels and other accommodations, events, and other public functions. 

In addition, the royalties you will get from music licensing in Australia will help you get more income opportunities. 

3. Enhances Your Resume

If you have licensed music, you will be able to use it to your advantage if you want to expand your career. Once you get past the early challenges of landing your first licensing placement, you can use the song as your leverage when looking for more musical opportunities. 

For example, you want to pitch your talent to a venue where you want to play your music. You can tell the venue owner that one of your licensed compositions was featured in a TV show. The venue will most likely give you the chance to play your songs on their property because of your achievement. 

Apart from these benefits, you can get assurance that your music and lyrics will be protected from plagiarism from other artists. Furthermore, the license will give you proof that you own the music so that no one will use it for their own gains. As a result, all the profits and benefits brought by the music will go directly to you. 

Licensing music in Australia is very crucial for all artists in the country. As long as you strive to comply with the rules and regulations in registering your song, you can enjoy all the perks and special privileges of being its licensed owner in the country. 

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