PEMF is the East-West Integrated Medicine

Common medications like acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) used for pain relief can be harmful to your health if you use them improperly or for a prolonged period. Ibuprofen or NSAIDS misuse increases the risk of kidney and stomach ulcers. Acetaminophen misuse raises the possibility of liver dysfunction. Alternative to these harmful medicines, PEMF therapy is considered a non-drug treatment to cure pain and various health issues.

PEMF therapy is the East-West Integrated medicine with alternative treatments that care for the whole person: body, mind, and soul!

The therapy focuses on the full range of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social influences that can affect human health. This full-body, integrative treatment is designed for effective and long-lasting relief from pain. It approaches more than just your physical condition, such as work, home, or family matters that may influence your sleeping pattern, diet, and your overall health.

PEMF Therapy – A Non-Drug approach to pain management

PEMF devices provide a non-drug method of treating pain and have the potential to reduce medication use and dependence. There are many pulsed electromagnetic field devices or mats designed with various gemstones such as tourmaline stone and amethyst stone, available on the market. These devices and therapy mats work by releasing magnetic field intensity and negative ions.

Research has proved that PEMF is the perfect medicine for clinical treatment such as non-healing fractures, chronic ulcers, post-surgical pain, tendon tears, and acute or chronic pain. There is no specific range of frequencies or intensities to treat particular issues. Different magnetic field strengths applied for various medical conditions cause variations in the result which may lead to difficulty in establishing an agreement.

PEMF has a Power to Rebuild and Repair

Electric and magnetic fields affect all body tissues, including blood cells, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and neural tissue. Using coils or mats, PEMF therapy creates an electromagnetic field with a low frequency and low intensity that is then applied to the body by using mats or heating pads. Local and global improvement results from the micro-current that the magnetic field creates within the tissue.

According to research on PEMF, it stimulated the cells physically, chemically, electrically, and magnetically. PEMF tests consistently demonstrate superior physiological restoration in a significantly less time with absolutely NO adverse reactions.

A quicker healing process is attained as a result of the increased synthesis of repair proteins, assisting in preventing associated disabilities and chronic conditions. PEMF Therapy can lead to positive effects on health-related neurological, physiological, and psychological conditions.

Health Benefits of PEMF Therapy

The PEMF therapy mats or heating pad having embedded tourmaline stones inside the layer relieves lower back pain and other physical conditions. Here are some benefits of PEMF therapy on  human health:

·       Improves circulation of oxygen and nutrients into the cell and waste materials out of the cell

·       Increases cellular membrane permeability by mechanically contracting the cells and encouraging the opening of ion channels

·       Improves cellular communication and metabolism

·       Stimulates tissue healing, eases muscle tension, lessens nerve irritation, reduces edema, and strengthens bones

·       Promotes nerve regeneration and decreases pain and inflammation

·       Improves bone density, flexibility, and range of motion while increasing energy to cells and cell hydration.

·       Accelerates cell repair and proliferation

·       Encourages endorphin production

·       Reduces stress and tension

·       Improves antioxidation control by boosting the flow of available electrons

·       The quality of cartilage in joints improves by the transportation of nutrients in the human body

Hence, it is proved from the above information that PEMF is the East-West integrated medicinal treatment which is helpful to consider as a safe option for pain relief and healing both physically and mentally.


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