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Education technology has come a long way in just the last few years. But while students are often the ones reaping the most benefits, teaching staff have been following suit. Panorama K-12 is an education software provider that helps teachers gain much-needed insight into their students’ progress through data analysis and visualization. Recently, the company announced a $60 M Series D funding round led by General Atlantic, which brings its total funding to $112M and marks a significant milestone for the EdTech industry as a whole. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Panorama K-12 and how its solutions are revolutionizing classroom learning.

What is panorama k12?

Panorama K12 is an online school that offers a personalized learning experience for each student. The school provides a flexible and affordable education that can be tailored to each family’s needs. Panorama K12 offers a variety of courses and programs that can be used to create a customized education plan for each student. The school also offers support and resources for parents and guardians, so they can be involved in their child’s education.

How does panorama k12 work?

Panorama K12 is an online platform that helps schools and districts track data and improve communication. It allows administrators to see what’s happening in their schools and make decisions based on real-time data. Panorama K12 also gives teachers a way to collaborate with each other and share best practices.

What are the benefits of panorama k12?

There are many benefits to using Panorama K12 for education. Some of these benefits include:

1. Access to a wider range of resources: When you use Panorama K12, you have access to a wide range of resources that can help you with your studies. This includes a variety of books, articles, and other materials that can help you learn more about the subjects you are studying.

2. Improved communication and collaboration: Panorama K12 also offers improved communication and collaboration tools that can help you work better with classmates and teachers. With this platform, you can easily share files and information with others, which can make working on projects much easier.

3. Better organization: One of the best things about Panorama K12 is that it helps you organize your studies better. With this platform, you can keep track of your assignments, deadlines, and other important information in one place. This can help you stay on top of your studies and make sure that you are always prepared for class.

4. Increased motivation: When you use Panorama K12, you may find that you are more motivated to do well in school. This is because this platform provides a fun and interactive way to learn. You can also set goals and receive feedback from your teachers, which can help keep you motivated to succeed.

How to get started with panorama k12

If you’re looking to get started with Panorama K12, the first thing you’ll need to do is create an account. Once you have an account, you can begin adding your students and teachers. To add a student, simply click on the “Add Student” button and enter the required information. To add a teacher, click on the “Add Teacher” button and enter the required information.

Once you have your students and teachers added, you can begin using the various features of Panorama K12. Some of the features you may want to use include the following:

– The Lesson Library: This library contains a variety of lessons that can be used with your students. Simply browse through the lessons and select the ones that you think would be most beneficial for your students.

– The Assessment Builder: This tool allows you to create custom assessments for your students. You can use this tool to assess student progress or identify areas where they may need additional help.

– The Parent Portal: This portal gives parents access to their child’s progress in Panorama K12. Parents can see how their child is doing in specific areas and see what lessons they have upcoming.


Panorama K12 is an innovative online learning platform that has proven its worth in the past few years. From personalized teaching and collaboration tools to advanced analytics, Panorama K12 has everything a teacher needs to help their students learn quickly and efficiently. With such potential, it’s no wonder that the service continues to grow with over 60 million users across the globe. It looks like Panorama K12 could be a major player for education technology for many years to come and we can’t wait to see what Azevedo and team have planned next!

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