Op-eds are a Chance to Share Your Ideas

In a world of over 7 billion people, opinions abound about the incidents we live in. Today, with the emergence of social networking sites, people are more than ever resorting to expressing their opinions and ideas easily. To make the right of expression more fluid, several websites have appeared, such as The Doe.

Today, writing opinion articles is the most prominent way to express people’s thoughts. They are texts written by people on various issues of interest to society and they determine their position on them and are published in media organizations that have nothing to do with the writers. These articles may deal with political, economic, social, and other topics.

People’s resort to writing opinion articles stems from the fact that they have various advantages. It allows the promotion of democratic life in society. When a writer puts forward an idea, people will argue about it. Some will support it and some will attack it. On this basis, there will be dynamism in society and there will be a healthy discussion, especially if the issue at hand is controversial.

Through opinion articles, the writer enriches people’s information, helping them determine their positions on various issues. When a writer mentions information about a country or details about a particular historical event, readers will add new information to their knowledge. It will also become easier for them to analyze an incident and express their opinion about it. For this reason, the writer must conduct comprehensive research on any topic for the text to be coherent.

Of course, one of the advantages of opinion articles is that it stimulates the deep thinking of the readers. When the reader knows more about a particular topic, he or she will rush to search for additional information and will ask important questions that move the mind.

For the article to be good, it must adhere to some criteria. It is recommended that it does not exceed 700 words because newspaper pages are limited. Even if websites offer thousands of words, the reader does not like long articles. Therefore, you should use sentences that are quick, short in length, direct, uncomplicated, and meaningful. That is, there is no filling just for stuffing.

Among the positive things, is the addition of the opinion opposing the opinion of the writer. This earns the writer the appreciation of the readers. Some writers resort to marginalizing the other opinion in favor of their personal opinions. This is wrong. Showing people different opinions makes the writer appear objective and unbiased. Thus, the article becomes more powerful and attractive to the readers.

If you want to make change in your community and leave an impact on public opinion to create a better life, you must write such articles in order to present the ideas that will make them convinced of your point of view.

In sum, opinion articles contribute to the progress of societies and are not restricted to anyone. Rather, any person has the right to express his/her position on a particular topic. Every idea has value, and a society in which ideas abound is a healthy one. So what are you waiting for to share your unique ideas with others?

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