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It is a piece precarious to introduce the Optus SMS Gateway without the assistance of an expert. The establishment directions are very ambiguous and in some cases it’s important to overhaul your attachments. Regardless of this, you can in any case utilize it to settle on decisions. It merits having a second cordless telephone in your extra room or kitchen. Luckily, Optus will postpone the expense of expert establishment when you buy the Gateway.

Ethernet Cable

You want to associate an Ethernet link to the port checked WAN. You want to interface a link from your association box to the WAN port of your modem. Then, at that point, you really want to plug the opposite finish of the link into the LAN port. In the wake of interfacing the Optus Gateway, you want to associate the Ethernet link to the LAN port. Then, at that point, interface the power string to the ‘DS’ port.

Optus Connection Box

The Optus SMS association box has green lights for the Upstream (US) and Downstream (DS) ports. Ensure the DS light is lit. Assuming the US light is on, you should interface your Ethernet link to the WAN port. Guarantee that both of these lights are consistent. When you have effectively associated your Optus association box, you can test your WiFi association by downloading the Optus @Home application.


To refresh the firmware, go to the settings page on the Optus SMS door. It will consequently push another rendition of the firmware to your gadget. The LAN light shows that you’re associated with your modem switch. On the off chance that it isn’t, you can eliminate the cover and introduce the most recent variant. The WAN light will demonstrate your association with the modem switch. The DS light will demonstrate that you’re associated with the Internet. The Upstream (US) sign will be noticeable in the event that the association is steady.

Home Telephone

In the wake of introducing your Optus SMS Gateway, you should initially associate it to your NBN organization. Associate the Ethernet link to the WAN port and furthermore then fitting the association enclose to the DS port. Whenever you’ve associated your switch, you’ll have to plug the home telephone into the NBN organization. To introduce the Optus door, you should design the NBN modem. Whenever you’ve done that, you’ll have to connect your home phone.

While you’re introducing the Optus SMS Gateway, ensure the Modem is associated with the Ethernet port. Then, at that point, plug the Ethernet link into the WAN port. On the off chance that your association is steady, you can start utilizing your new assistance. Following several days, you’ll have the option to do nearly anything on the web. You might actually download applications and games that you have downloaded. You can likewise utilize the Optus Gateway to associate with your cell phone.

Web Connection

Whenever you’ve associated your modem to the LAN port, you should check your Optus SMS Gateway’s Internet light. In the event that it’s not, you’ll have to ensure your web association is associated with the modem switch. The lights on your modem are blazing, your web association isn’t working. On the off chance that your association isn’t, contact Optus specialized help. In any case, in the event that you have an awful association, it’s possible a broken gadget.

At the point when you’ve wrapped up introducing the Optus Gateway, you should check the lights on the Connection Box. The LAN light shows the association with your modem switch. On the off chance that the WAN light is strong green, you’re associated with the organization. The WAN light shows that you’re associated with the modem switch. The green WAN light demonstrates that you’re associated with the web. The red WAN light implies that your association is frail and furthermore the gadget is disengaged.

NBN Protocol

The Optus Gateway is a modem that interfaces with the Internet. It utilizes the NBN convention to interface with the Internet. It has three ports: LAN, WAN, and furthermore LAN. Assuming you have an association with the NBN, you’ll have to interface the Optus Connection Box Ethernet link to the WAN port. The WAN port is equivalent to the LAN port, however it will have two additional capacities.

The IP address is no different for every one of the gadgets associated with the organization. On the off chance that the IP address doesn’t coordinate, you can attempt to enter the IP address in the IP address field to get your switch associated. Whenever you’ve entered the IP address, it will begin the design interaction. The IP address is utilized to recognize the organization, and the username and furthermore secret word are utilized to interface the gadgets. The default login data for an Optus Gateway is recorded on the switch’s manual.

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