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The American actress Marita Stavrou was born on 2 November 1965 and is of mixed ethnicity. She is a member of the zodiac sign Scorpio and stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches. Her height is quite impressive considering that she has an ectomorphic body type. Her dark brown hair and blue eyes give her a striking look and she is not known to have any educational qualifications.

Marita Stavrou Biography: This popular actress is best known for her roles in TV shows, movies, and television shows. She was born on November 2, 1965, and she is currently 54 years old. Her nationality is unknown, and she is of American descent. She is married to American basketball player Reggie Miller, whom she married in 1992.

Marita Stavrou is an American actress, who married retired basketball player Reggie Miller in 1992. She got into acting when Magic Johnson introduced her to the profession. Reggie was the second-best NBA player after Michael Jordan and held the record of scoring 64 points in a single game. As far as her children are concerned, there is no information available.

Marita Stavrou’s net worth is estimated at $500 thousand. She earned her fortune from acting in various films and TV shows. However, she has remained a secretive person about her earnings. However, she has received $5 million from her ex-husband, renowned basketball player Reggie Miller. Marita Stavrou’s net worth may have changed owing to this.

Marita Stavrou is an American actress who rose to fame in the 1990s. Her first television appearance was in the sitcom “Family Matters.” Her role in the show gained her much popularity. Similarly, her role in the 1991 film ‘Strictly Business’ made her popular all over the world. Marita Stavrou’s height and ethnicity are unknown.

Despite her fame, Stavrou is also a mother of two. The couple split in 2000, and the former NBA player filed for divorce. He was awarded $5 million in spousal support after their split. They have two children together, one boy and a daughter. Marita Stavrou is currently living a contented life as an actress in the United States.


As an actress, Marita Stavrou is worth at least $500 thousand. She has worked in a number of movies and television shows over the years and must have racked up a substantial income despite her limited roles. Sadly, she refuses to reveal her net worth, so the public may never know exactly how much she makes. However, there are a few things we do know about her earnings.

Before she started her career in television, Stavrou was married to legendary basketball player Reggie Miller. They divorced in 2000, and she was awarded $5 million in spousal support. After the divorce, Stavrou and Miller had two children together. Since then, Reggie Miller has been dating two other American actors. His current girlfriend, Laura Laskowski, has three children with her. Their divorce settlement is worth $5 million, but Stavrou is not giving up her acting career because of it.

In addition to her acting career, Marita Stavrou also has a successful modeling career. She is known to earn a six-figure sum for appearing in films. She may be one of the few women in Hollywood with both a modeling firm and a personal law firm. However, it’s important to remember that her net worth and earnings will only increase with time, and this will only continue to rise as her resume becomes more impressive.

Her career started with small roles in TV shows, including ‘Family Matters’ and ‘Strictly Business’. She subsequently started acting in movies, and her first role in an actual film was in ‘Dinner Rush’ in 2000. Apart from acting, she also has her own interior design company and a successful television show. Susana Jimenez has been a strong advocate of Marita Stavrou’s interior design skills.

In 1989, Marita Stavrou’s first role was on the sitcom Family Matters. The show followed the Winslow family and their neighbor, and it was a hit on the television networks. Marita Stavrou’s success continued with her appearances in various films, including Strictly Business (1991), which featured a provocative view of black life.

Body Dimensions

In addition to being a top-rated American actress, Marita Stavrou is a successful television personality and sports commentator. Her early career began with the 1991 film “Strictly Business,” a riveting look at life as a black woman in Chicago. After becoming a household name on television, Stavrou began to work on film projects and gained notoriety. Although she hasn’t divulged any specific details about her personal life, her starring roles in “Family Matters” and “Strictly Business” gave her great popularity.

The actress was born in the United States and is a naturalized American citizen. She is of mixed ethnicity and is a naturalized citizen of the United States. Her height is 5 feet and nine inches. Her weight is estimated to be around 62 kilograms. She has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and is of average height. Despite her age, Marita Stavrou is quite attractive and is still in her early fifties.

Marita Stavrou’s height and age are unknown but her body build is pretty attractive and she is renowned for her dramatic roles. Her striking features include black hair and brown eyes. She stands five feet nine inches tall and weighs about sixty-two kilograms. Her career in the entertainment industry has helped her earn a decent sum of money. Although no information has been released on her educational background, she does earn a good income as a successful actress.

As far as her parents are concerned, there is no information about their relationship online. Her spouse is American basketball player Reggie Miller. Her parents are not listed online, but her children are unknown to the public. As of writing, Stavrou’s family is relatively low-key. Marita Stavrou’s wiki page is incomplete.

The actress began her career as an actress and married an American basketball player, Reggie Miller, in 1992. Magic Johnson introduced her to Reggie and the couple married in 1992. She and Reggie have two children, although the details are still a mystery. Besides her acting career, Stavrou has also appeared in several movies, including the movie “Strictly Business,” which explores the lives of African-Americans.

Relationship with Reggie Miller

After the divorce, Stavrou has been out of the public eye and set her social media accounts to private. Although Stavrou has been busy with her career, it seems like she’s finally found the right balance of work and personal life. The couple has two young daughters and a son. It seems like Stavrou is living the best life possible with her family.

During their time together, Reggie and Marita married in Paris. Despite the acrimony, they eventually separated and filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized the day before Reggie signed a lucrative $36 million contract with the Indiana Pacers. Reggie and Marita had two children, although they didn’t disclose their parents. While they lived together in Paris for most of their marriage, the two were spotted out in Los Angeles together.

Despite their rocky relationship, both women have been able to find happiness in their careers. Reggie Miller’s marriage to Marita Stavrou was not without challenges. The couple had a very troubled relationship, and she was unable to be devoted to it. They ended up divorcing after eight years of marriage. Marita received $5 million in divorce settlements and equal custody of the children.

Although the couple divorced in 2001, Marita Stavrou has remained quiet on the internet. She has a LinkedIn profile and doesn’t seem to be active on social media. She also has a private Instagram account and a Twitter account. She has two daughters with Reggie, but she has no social media profiles. They are still very busy doing their thing. There are few rumors on the couple’s relationship, but the truth is that there’s nothing in the public record to suggest otherwise.

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