Make professional whiteboard videos with easy-to-customize templates

Chances are, you’ve seen videos of someone explaining something very simply on a whiteboard or other pen-and-paper surface. Nowadays, many people use video production software to make these kinds of videos, but there are also specialized tools for making them that is even more powerful. One such tool is this whiteboard animation service that can be used to create professional whiteboard videos in no time!

What is whiteboard animation?

A whiteboard video is an animated video where the elements are drawn on coloured backgrounds. The characters can be drawn manually by hand or drawn using vector graphics which allows them to be constantly updated with the constantly changing formulas, equations, and objects that exist in our world. 

Whiteboard videos are very effective marketing tools because they allow students to visualize various ideas using multimedia transparency that puts into perspective the mathematics involved. Whiteboard animation is a form of graphic design. 

It features simple black drawings on a whiteboard that make it easy for any audience to follow along and collaborate during the process of making or editing the video.

Reasons why a whiteboard animation benefit your business

Whiteboard animations are increasingly becoming increasingly popular, with companies like Coca Cola, Google, P&G (Nike), and Apple all using them to showcase products or provide instructions. Since whiteboard animation videos are easy to produce and embed in websites and social media, they can be a great asset in supporting your company’s overall goal of achieving increased brand awareness and visibility. This is why many companies in the professional services and academic fields invest in showcasing their capabilities through these videos.

Make videos with this call to action video maker

Creating a product animation video is the easiest process in the world with this online video maker. All you’ll need to do is upload your photo, write a script, and get an inspirational music track from the internet. If you want to add another production technique such as green screen, motion graphics, and code, just import the sequence to your video and give in that last touch. Easy-to-customize templates mean making videos is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Anyone who can access a computer can use this website to easily create amazing videos. It has specialized pre layers and specialized smart objects that let you build out professional-quality videos like a pro.

Learn how to make a whiteboard animation video

Do you have a really great idea for a whiteboard animation video? Have you been trying to think of ways to share it with your friends and colleagues, but have been having a little bit of trouble coming up with the right creative concept? You can leave all that at the door because Whiteboard Video is here to show off your brilliant ideas for you. 

This guide will teach you how to build a professional-like whiteboard animation video in less than 20 minutes! Here are the steps to making the perfect video. 

First, create your whiteboard animation template with Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides. Next, post your animation on YouTube or Vimeo. Once it’s complete, go to for free fonts and images that can be modified to fit your needs. Last, choose a video editor to finish your project out with professional effects and sounds.


You have a great idea for your product or service – now take it to the next level with a whiteboard video. Whether you’re a small business owner, a speaker using a presentation where a handout is critical, or anything in between, including whiteboard animations and other visuals, audiences will be impressed, amazed, and want to find out more about your company.

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