Is CELTA Certification Worth Giving A Try?

Do you have a desire and fantasise of working in fascinating, distant places, but COVID 19 keeps you restrained? Setting up a new teaching career in English online would be an excellent way to stay globally engaged while looking for new possibilities to bring you internationally when the perfect moment arrives. Then, your first step could be applying for a CELTA certification.

Teaching the English language, whether in person or online, could come in the form of hosting an engaging and enjoyable activity with younger learners, guiding the students in preparing for English language tests, or imparting more specific skills to people who want to study English concerning their job.

When considering a teaching career overseas, there are several considerations: where to go, what everyday life will be like there, who you will be teaching, what the perks are, and, are you even qualified for this career that you are thinking about?

What is CELTA?

CELTA is a Cambridge Assessment English-accredited program. It is a certification for teaching English as a foreign language. It is also the most recognised English teaching certification worldwide and is frequently sought by employers.

So, what are its benefits?


The widely accepted standards of CELTA are already more easily accessible than ever. As a result, you may study to be a CELTA-certified teacher anytime and anywhere.

You may now select between an online, serious 4-week program and a part-time 14-week program. In any case, you will receive the same high-quality training that CELTA is recognised for.

Worldwide recognition

Consider this: how would you react if you invested your precious time, effort and money in a study program only to be rejected because of your certification?

It would be a major disappointment! However, among the most significant advantages of CELTA is the credibility it brings, as well as the peace of mind that will assist you in your job hunt and career goals.

Academic excellence

Why is CELTA certification well-known across the world? First, it has a strict study program and quality level of teaching since the Cambridge English Assessment has criteria in place to assure the course’s quality and excellence.

Your program will always contain 120hrs of lessons, actual teaching practice, monitored lesson planning and implementation, and important teaching evaluations.

Increased self-esteem

Aside from the confidence that you have a high chance of getting a job, another valuable advantage of CELTA is that you are fully equipped and prepared to accept the teacher position.

You do not have to worry if you are not a native English speaker

Even though English is not your first language, you may chase your English teacher goal. To be effective in CELTA, non-native speakers must have a C1 English level or higher.

Exciting experience

FOR OTHERS, a CELTA certificate may just be a piece of paper representing knowledge and experience, but it is not the only thing you are getting. Your CELTA program will also provide you with the opportunity to network with individuals who have a similar objective. 

In certain aspects, a CELTA program may seem like returning to college. You are learning what you have to understand during the day, bringing everything into action during your practical teaching hours, plus celebrating your achievements with other aspiring and eager English teachers over dinner, exploring and studying together.

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