Interesting Facts about Palm Jumeirah in Dubai

A wonder of modern manufacturing and science in the right sense, Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island that has become a significant milestone in Dubai. The development is in the form of an enormous palm tree, its title is the eighth wonder of the world. Various people look for villas and apartments for sale in Dubai Palm Jumeirah regardless of their high prices for the luxuries and mesmerizing views they offer.  

Apart from its arrangement, it is also popular in ultra-luxury residential places it settles. A total of 159 sales dealings were complete in this expansion in the 3rd district of 2020. However, the figures show a 77% increase as compared to the preceding quarter. 60% of these dealings were made for apartments, while villas for sale accounted for the outstanding 40%. There are also excellent penthouses for sale in Dubai Palm Jumeirah. 

A project by Nakheel, the expansion of Palm Jumeirah starts in 2001, and it only took six years for this extra-large project to complete. Read on for some motivating facts about Palm Jumeirah, an essence of class and luxury:

Interesting facts about Palm Jumeirah

Construction facts

The establishment of Palm Jumeirah is at the cost of $12 billion. The basic substructure of this development was complete by 2004. However, the structure started in 2006.

Before the creation started, many professional divers examine the probability of this project. They were also accountable for discovering the rock creation in the area.

Palm Jumeirah is an exclusive engineering wonder in more than one way. During the manufacture of this project, designers did not use existing steel materials. For its creation, 7 million tons of rocks were used to shape the base. Other than that, the architecture uses 94 million cubic meters of sand in its creation. This amount of sand and rock can be used to create a 2-meter high wall that can frame the complete globe three times.

As stated above, Palm Jumeirah is in the shape of an enormous Palm tree. Engineers use the Global Placing System to regulate the correctness of the shape.

As Palm Jumeirah is on the Arabian Gulf, there is a risk of hurricanes and storms. However, designers used breakwaters for their defense. Geotextile fiber and sand, with trivial and medium rocks, were utilized to make breakwater. These breakwaters help as a protection under the crescent. And because of this shield, you can find several hotels, resorts, residential spaces, and retail choices in Palm Jumeirah. You can find villas, penthouses, and apartments for sale in Dubai Palm Jumeirah.

Housing and real estate facts

The project gets ready in 2006, and it greeted its first residents in 2007. By the end of 2007, 500 people had moved into this expansion.

Well-known celebrities from around the globe have their properties situated in Palm Jumeirah. These comprise well-known footballer David Beckham, Bollywood celebrity Shahrukh Khan and the internet impression and reality star Kim Kardashian. Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty also purchases a villa in Palm Jumeirah.

Residential properties in this expansion are well-known not only in Dubai. They are famous globally. This is why you would find villas and apartments for sale in Dubai Palm Jumeirah at expensive charges as associated with other neighborhoods in the emirate.

As per Q3, 2020 statistics, the most exclusive properties sold in Palm Jumeirah in different groups are:

  • Signature Villa: AED 33m
  • Apartment for sale in Dubai Palm Jumeirah: AED 21m
  • Off-Plan Property in One by Omniyat: AED 23m

General facts

For Palm Jumeirah, over 12,000 trees were established and grown up in a nursery. A 1.4km long bridge joins Palm Jumeirah to Dubai. It also has a monorail that channels this expansion to the Dubai shoreline for transportation purposes. The crescent of the Palm connects to the stem via a tunnel.

Not various people know that Palm Jumeirah is part of a three-island scheme. Therefore, the other islands in this gathering are Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira.


In a nutshell, Palm Jumeirah is an architectural wonder. If you’d make a list of the best residences to live in Dubai, this expansion will most positively be part of it. You would discover listings of apartments for sale in Dubai Palm Jumeirah with villas and townhouses in every property portal. The new development of Six Senses Residences at Palm Jumeirah is providing penthouses for sale in Dubai.

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