Indoor Bowls – What’s It All About?

Indoors bowls is a sport and pastime that has been gaining in popularity with people of all ages throughout Australia. While outdoor lawn bowls has been the staple of bowls in Australia for many a decade, the indoor variety has really been trending and there are some good reasons for this. Let’s take a closer peek at indoor bowls, see what it’s all about and why so many Aussies love it.

What Is Indoor Bowls?

While indoor bowls and outdoor bowls (commonly called “lawn bowls”) are essentially the same game, there are a few differences. The most noticeable difference, of course, is that indoor bowls is played indoors and undercover whereas lawn bowls is played out in the sunshine and open air.

Outdoors bowls is generally played on real grass, although sometimes artificial surfaces are used. Indoor bowls is played on a special type of carpet that simulates the characteristics of real grass but also plays a little differently.

The type of bowls that are used for indoor bowls are also slightly different from their lawn bowls counterparts. These bowls don’t tend to arch or curve as much when played, so the bias is narrower.

Essentially, both games are pretty much the same and work on the same gameplay and format.

Who Is Indoor Bowls For?

Indoor bowls can be played by anyone interested in bowls. Even kids can have a go. Long gone are the days when lawn bowls and indoor bowls were considered the domain of the elderly folk only. Now that more people of all ages have tried their hand at bowls, people have a better understanding of the game and a deeper appreciation for the accuracy and skills required to play well.

Both men and women enjoy indoor bowls and many places throughout Australia host indoor bowling clubs. You will need to check with the club regarding when certain bowling events are, as at times there will be men’s events, women’s events and mixed indoor bowls.

You can find an indoor bowls club near you by looking online. If you’re located in the Sydney area, you could try searching the following examples:

The Advantages and Benefits Of Indoor Bowls

One of the greatest advantages of indoor bowls for curators is the surface requires very little maintenance. It takes a lot of work and upkeep to maintain lawn bowls surfaces but indoor bowls is totally different in that regard.

For players, you can play all year round as the sport is not affected by rain or other weather events. Everything is undercover so you can play in rain, hail or shine, day or night, summer or winter. It really doesn’t matter. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as wanting to play a sport or be partway through a game, only to have the rain come down and wash things out. There are no issues like that with indoor bowls.

From a social point of view, when you start playing indoor bowls regularly, you’ll get to know the other regular players and make some new friends. After the game, you can all enjoy a beer or cold drink together. You may even discover you have other common interests with some and be able to socialise with them outside of indoor bowls.

The more you play, the better you will naturally get at the game. When you compete against better players, you’ll be forced to up your game. Other members will also be able to offer you tips on improving your technique and gameplay, which will speed up the learning curve if you’re just starting out or don’t consider yourself an expert yet.

While indoor bowls is not a vigorous sport, it’s still physical activity, along with helping you to develop your concentration skills and fine motor control for precision bowling. It’s a lot of fun and quite relaxing at the same time.

The Wrap

So, there’s a quick wrap up on what indoor bowls is about, who can play and why it is such a good sport or pastime to participate in. It doesn’t really matter how old you are. Everyone can have a go.

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