How to Save Money with an Automated Shipping?

The covid-19 pandemic came with its own set of challenges and opportunities for the growth of an online business. While stepping out of home became a challenge, the e-commerce setups became a solution to this as people could now shop from home.

The quest is for fast yet hassle-free delivery, this is what keeps a business in shape. Well, behind every parcel which is delivered successfully to the end customer, is a logistics partner helping the seller to achieve this. After receiving an order, the trickiest part that a seller faces is the challenge in getting the product shipped and delivered safely to the customer. To give a systematic flow to a business for seamless delivery, an e-commerce venture should constantly upgrade itself. Moving towards automation will let you deliver your products and services efficiently with customer satisfaction.

What do you mean by Shipping through automation?

It refers to the process of moving from manual shipping to automation. It is fastening the shipping procedures with the help of tools and techniques, from generating your packing labels and manifests to getting packages in transit to tracking their complete journey effectively on an AI-driven platform, etc. Automation will help you in easing off and speeding up the delivery procedures.

Why automation is required for E-commerce selling?

Automation of shipping and logistics procedures will lead to enhanced productivity. An online seller will be able to deliver more products. This will also help in expanding and optimizing their supply chain.

Significance of integrating with a third-party carrier

Third-party integration is an essential component in the supply chain of multiple brands. A customer will place the order with the seller while the third party will fulfill it seamlessly. By integrating with a third-party shipping carrier, a seller can reduce its shipping hassle and can deliver the products, ensuring quality service to the customer. Market players like Shyplite provide you with a variety of pricing patterns to choose from, in accordance with your business’s requirement.

Get multiple carriers on one platform

In order to work in a cost-efficient way, choose an e-commerce courier partner that can provide you with multiple shipping carriers in one place. This will help you in eliminating the hassle involved in finding the right shipping partner

Stay informed with real-time tracking

After placing an order, a customer would want to know the whereabouts of the product, a real-time shipment link will help them in tracking it via email or an SMS.

Restructure the business logistics
The key to survival is constantly changing by adapting and implementing various tools and techniques used by your competitors. Automation is the new normal that removes the need for human intervention in the process like shipping label creation and printing etc. Giving the seller the freedom of time and resources to be used in the areas that require their expertise.

Advantages of choosing Automation

1)Shipping Becomes Faster and More Accurate

Automation is a powerful tool that helps you with speeding up your productivity. Tasks like shipping and labeling, packaging and warehousing management system, etc., can be done by integrating with various logistics aggregators giving you a window to cater to a large set of audiences at a set time.

2)The business move towards Cost Efficiency

Automation will lead to a reduction in the manpower involved in achieving a target. A seller earns an opportunity to deliver more in less time, resulting in an increase in their turnaround time and creating more leads and profit margins for their customers.

3)Customer Satisfaction

Automation will help you in eliminating the risk involved in the shipping process which will lead to customer satisfaction. Features like real-time delivery will let your customer feel involved.

How to automate selling process with online sales channels

  1. Integrate marketplaces and e-carts with your logistics partner

E-commerce platforms enable you to integrate your shipping processes with various logistics aggregators that can import and sync all your orders on a single dashboard. This will help a company in getting them an insight about their inventory records and order status etc.

  1. Automated inventory management

API integrations on shipping dashboards help in automating the parts of an inventory process while selling online. This feature helps in better planning of inbound and outbound logistics. Seller is automatically notified about the current stock level and the next step to be taken in order to maintain balance in inventory storage.

  1. Setting up an automated shipment tracking

Automation will lead to the reduction of human error and the requirement of handling the data manually. This feature will help the seller keep their customer notified with timely updates via SMS and EMAIL notifications and an intuitive tracking dashboard.
Top 3 shipping companies In India
1)Blue Dart

It is one of the well-established names in the courier services of the country. It is a premium express air and integrated transportation and distribution company that started its operations in 1983 and now delivering to Over 14,000. They ensure the fastest delivery through automation. Bluedart has been working on giving a web-based solution to its clients since the year 1996. It has various tools like TrackDart, MailDart, etc., that helps in covering different areas for automation.


FedEx is another shipping carrier that handles all the postal deliveries with warehousing and other distribution needs of an e-commerce venture. They have tracking software that enables them to look after warehousing and distribution needs, reverse logistics, and freight forwarding, etc.


A well-known shipping carrier in India for express distribution and supply chain management. It is currently delivering to 19,000 pin codes and covering 735 out of 739 districts in India.
Be it your Business to Business or Business to Customer services, Gati covers all of it efficiently. It provides express distribution and supply chain management solutions along with other important services like freight forwarding, trading, cold chain, e-commerce, etc.

Shipping aggregator that can help you in automating your entire shipping process

Shyplite – a shipping aggregator

It is one of India’s most reliable market players providing 360° logistics solutions for an e-commerce business to run seamlessly. Trusted by 70,000+ sellers, Shyplite delivers to 26000+ pin codes, across 220 countries by integrating with various E-commerce courier companies. You get Pay as you Go feature with advanced shipping tools all on a single dashboard to upgrade your e-commerce business.

It has integrated with 30+ courier service providers as its shipping partners like BlueDart, FedEx, Gati, Delhivery, etc. It gives you a variety of options to choose from according to your need. Shyplite is a SaaS-based logistics aggregator that helps in enabling API integrations with well-known marketplaces. It provides manual and smart shipping making it flexible by the requirement of your business. The robust and dedicated customer support offered by this logistics aggregator is an added benefit.

It is important to look for a reliable e-commerce shipping partner that can help in the process of automation to give a better shape to your online business by saving you money and time.

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