How to make Lego costumes?

I am sure that 90 % of the kids are obsessed with the Lego bricks and when I say word obsessed it means that they are crazy about having Legos around them. But they might have the slightest idea that they can enjoy some Lego party theme or even create a Lego costume by doing some easy steps and DIY. So, here comes the main question how to make Lego costumes?

This particular article will give you detailed information which will be useful enough for you to create some Lego costumes.


Things required for DIY Lego costumes:

First things first make sure that you have all the items mentioned below before creating Lego costumes. 

  • Solid Shirts or T-shirts of Lego Colors like Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
  • Cardboard cutting items and gears 
  • Cardboard containers
  • Scissors 
  • tarpaulin.
  • Clear plastic cups preferably of 9 oz 
  • Glue gun with less temperature setting
  • Spray paints similar to the solid shirts or the Lego colors which you have selected previously.
  • Straps for carrying the Cardboard

How to make Lego costumes?

Now that you have selected all the necessary items for your Lego costumes all you need to do is to create Lego costumes by following the number of steps mentioned below:

Step 1- Cardboard Cutting:

The first thing you want to do is to cut the cardboard of a large size. I preferably reference the width of the cardboard for adults as 12″ while 10″ width is good enough for your 6 to 8 years old kids. for more reference details the cardboard of a large container can create two adults front sided Lego costumes while two front and back kids’ sizes costumes.

Step 2- Cups Cutting:

You need to mark the cups of the same size to make sure the sizes are synchronized and have equal heights. You will need a nice pair of scissors to cut the cups. The number of cups required depends upon the length and width of the Lego cardboard and make sure that you place them on the same distances. 

Step 3- Cups Pasting:

now that you have cut the cups of equal sizes you will require a nice hot glue gun with is set on the low temperature so that it does not melt the plastic of the cup and paste the cups on marked points on the cardboard.

Step 4- Spray Paints:

Now you are required to spray paint the cardboard with pasted cups. The color of the spray paints must be matching with the colors of your solid t-shirts. Make sure to place the drop sheet before color spraying so that it will not spoil your grounds.

Step 5- Placing Straps:

Now the only thing to do is to add straps on the upper and lower sides of the cardboard to make them hold with your body. 

I hope that you have attained necessary guidelines on how to make Lego costumes? So, what are you waiting for give your kid’s a surprise? 

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