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How To Maintain The Position Of Couch Covers Intact

You often feel frustrated while straightening and positioning the couch cover to keep it in one place. Adding a cover to the couch protects it from dirt, dust, spills, and stains. Besides, you can also protect it from pet dander and mess. However, the cover slides up and down, leaving the couch looking unprofessional and unclean. 

The points below highlight how to keep the couch cover in place.

  • Using straps

When using a strap to maintain the position of the couch cover, you may follow these steps.

  1. Put the couch cover and stretch it as much as you can to all sides.
  2. Try to put the extra material into the couch between the seat and back cushions. 
  3. You need to check the elasticity of the straps and tie them around the legs of the couch.
  4. If the ouch does not have straps, use drawstrings instead to tie it properly. 
  • Enhance the tension

When pushing the cover and closing up on it does not help, enhancing the tension may be one of the preferred methods to allow the cover to stay in one place. For increasing the tension, you can tuck the couch cover into the crevasses as much as you can. However, if that does not work, you can keep heavy-weight objects in the tucked areas to keep the cover in place. 

  • Using inserts 

To prevent the couch cover from sliding around unnecessarily, the following can help.

  1. Try to take appropriate measurements of the couch when choosing a fabric or the cover.
  2. You must stretch the fabric or smoothen it to figure out the amount of excess material.
  3. Try to push the additional material on to the back of the couch and use a tube-shaped insert into the gap. 
  4. The insert needs to go in-depth and must not be noticeable. 
  • Using upholstery pins

To ensure the position of the couch covers, using upholstery pins may help.

  1. You need to put the cover in one place and pull or stretch the material as much as you can.
  2. Insert the small upholstery pins based on the kind of fabric.
  3. You can also get decorative pins to make the sides look stylish. 

Improving the friction:

One of the methods that may keep the cover intact or in place is to improve the friction. You can add liners to make the cover less slippery but a recommended option would be to use a rubbery grip on the bottom of the mouse pads or the rugs. Be sure to make it sag a bit over the edges to make the cover stay in one place. 

Keeping the cover in place:

Keeping the couch cover in place is one most challenging task for the homeowners. However, a better solution is making the cover of the best size. Picking the right size for the couch cover may not yield the best solution ad allows you to rule out excessive material. You need to create several panels based on the style and shape of the ouch and achieve a snug fit. 

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